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Best Deal on BlackBerry Q10 Phone for Verizon Wireless

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BlackBerry Q10 - 4G LTE (in Black or White)

The Blackberry Q10 for Verizon Wireless lets you communicate quickly when you are on-the-go. It contains a classic QWERTY keyboard for accurate texting and emails. Boasting of 4G LTE connectivity, the Blackberry Q10 is designed with video chat features and screen share.

Equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, the Blackberry Q10 is sleekly outfitted with a super AMOLED screen that spans 3.1 inches. The display screen has a resolution of 720 x 720 with 330 PPI. Reaching 4.72 inches high, the Q10 is 2.63 inches wide and 0.41 inches thick. It weighs a decent 4.9 ounces and contains a Qualcomm 1.5 GHz Dual Core Processor. Inside this Verizon cell phone, you will find 16 GB of memory and the capacity for an additional 32 GB microSD card. This mobile device uses the Blackberry 10 operating system and has a standby time of 16 days.

In addition to being an exceptionally iconic phone, the Blackberry Q10 is designed to be simple to type on. It contains Instant Action for speedy shortcuts and task performance. During conversations or tasks, you can look at your inbox without stopping your current application. To do this, you just swipe to the inbox using the Blackberry Hub. In the Blackberry Hub, you can look at all of your conversations and messages in one location from any application. All relevant photos, messages, links and lists can be tracked and grouped together within Blackberry Remember. For meetings and appointments, users can quickly manage their time. This mobile device has an intelligent calendar that is able to anticipate what the user needs and handles the scheduling. It can recommend people to invite to an event based on past meetings. For busy professionals, the intelligent calendar is a must-have.

Other features include the BBM Video with Screen Share option. With this feature, you can chat in a video conversation while you are on-the-go. It instantly lets you share documents, images, websites or videos within the live group chat window. Blackberry users can also take advantage of Blackberry Balance. This allows users to design separate profiles for work and personal lives. You can put email contacts and applications in each profile. When you want to check out the status of a project, you simply have to switch profiles with one touch of a button.

Camera and Video
This smartphone is equipped with an eight megapixel rear-facing camera and a two megapixel front-facing camera. The rear camera has 5x digital zoom and can record HD video with 1080p. With photos, users can take advantage of Time Shift. This useful feature takes several pictures milliseconds before and after the camera button is clicked. This allows users to select the best photo possible to crop, enhance or filter. For music playing, the Q10 comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack and a music player. Users can create and manage playlists from the convenience of their smartphone. For web surfing, the Blackberry Q10 boasts of the Blackberry browser. This web browser is capable of quickly loading pages and documents. It can be switched to the reader mode when you want to read a large file or book online.

The Blackberry Q10 for Verizon Wireless is an excellent smartphone. It works well for business professionals due to its exceptional file sharing capabilities, video conferencing and email options. This smartphone can be used overseas in more than 200 countries to call, text or send emails. For the busy professional, the Q10 is one of the best phones available.

  • 8 mp camera with Time Shift for the best quality photos
  • Bluetooth capabilities and easy social networking
  • Capable of being a 4G mobile hot spot for up to eight other devices
  • Contains Blackberry Hub, Remember and Calendar for easy scheduling and messaging

Your Price: $69.99  
Select Verizon Wireless plans for BlackBerry Q10 free shippingFREE SHIPPING

Verizon Wireless
BlackBerry Q10 for Verizon Wireless
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