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Best Deal on Kyocera DuraPlus Phone for Sprint

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Kyocera DuraPlus

The Kyocera DuraPlus is one of the few phones that satisfies military specifications and is released to the public. This device is absolutely perfect for anybody that works in construction, does extreme sports or it just paranoid of having their phone destroyed. This free phone can take a major beating, and itís also resistant to water, dust and extreme temperatures. You can use Sprintís push-to-talk feature that allows you to instantly connect with up to 20 different Sprint Direct Connect subscribers.

Rubber Body
The DuraPlus is encased in rubber that makes it very easy to hold. It also keeps the phone from getting slippery even if itís wet. If you do happen to drop the phone, then the rubber acts as a shield by absorbing the shock and keeping the core components safe. You should have no problem using this phone after dropping it once or twice.

Military Specs
Most phones that satisfy military specs are exclusively sold to the military, but this device is completely open to the public. It satisfies the militaryís strict rules by being resistant to shock, dust, water, extreme temperatures and vibrations. It is also guaranteed to work in humidity and after being exposed to large levels of solar radiation.

If you work or are usually around harsh environments, then this is definitely the phone for you. Itís made to survive in the most unforgiving areas.

LED Flashlight
Another useful feature is the embedded flashlight. While there are some phones that have a flashlight, most of them are fairly dim and almost useless. This flashlight is made so that you can navigate around dark areas, read plans in unlit rooms and itís also good enough for emergency response teams. There is a dedicated button for this feature so that you can easily turn it on without fumbling with the phone.

Sprint has many push-to-talk phones that allow you to easily speak with your contacts. You are able to speak to 20 different people at once while using this feature. If you are working on a project or if you just want to easily speak with many people, then this feature is incredibly useful.

Flexible Communication
This device gives you many different ways to contact your coworkers, friends or family members. You can call, instant message, email, text, video message and picture message. While the Kyocera DuraPlus does lack smartphone capabilities, it does still give you the ability to contact people in a variety of different ways.

GPS Capabilities
The DuraPlus is built with a GPS and turn-by-turn directions that will help you reach your destination. You can type your destination, or you can speak the address aloud. If you hate using maps and you donít want to buy a separate GPS device, then this is the perfect solution.

  • Push-to-talk feature that allows you to speak with 20 Sprint Direct Connect users at once.
  • Satisfies military specs for resistance to water, temperatures, dust, vibrations and shock.
  • Durable rubber body that is easy to hold even when wet.
  • You can talk, text, email, instant message, video message or picture message with this phone.
  • Comes with a powerful LED flashlight.
  • Speakerphone and hand-free Bluetooth capabilities ensure that you can stay connected even if you canít use your hands.

Your Price: $0.01  
Select Sprint plans for Kyocera DuraPlus free shippingFREE SHIPPING

Kyocera DuraPlus for Sprint
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