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Best Deal on Kyocera Rise Phone for Sprint

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Kyocera Rise

If you want a smartphone that is equipped with the latest version of the Android OS, a slide-out physical keyboard and seamless integration with the Internet, then you canít do much better than the Kyocera Rise. Though this is technically a budget phone due to its low price point (it's a free phone with contract), you will find that this device delivers a massive amount of features without being obscenely expensive. If you order from Sprint, then you also get to use their exclusive apps like Sprint TV and their latest NASCAR app.

One of the most distinguishing aspects of the Rise is its physical keyboard. While most smartphones have transitioned to digital keyboards, this is one of the few modern devices that still retains a physical keyboard. Many users have missed the tactile sensation of typing on a real keyboard. At the same time, you can access a digital keyboard whenever you want to through the system settings. If you love typing, texting, emailing and blogging, then you will enjoy using the slide-out keyboard.

Sprint Apps
Sprint adds many exclusive apps to their phones, but there are two that many users are excited about. The first one is NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile. This app connects you directly to the NASCAR website. Not only that, but you get to see exclusive clips, read breaking news and get lots of information about your favorite drivers.

If you love TV, then youíll really like the Sprint TV app. This connects you to many of the best channels so that you can watch your favorite shows wherever you go. These are just a few of the channels: USA, NBC, Syfy, Disney Channel and ABC Mobile. If you have a data plan connected to the Kyocera Rise, then you will get this service for free.

The Rise comes with a 3.2MP camera suitable for both pictures and videos. This is great for family trips, just having fun or if you like sharing your life on Facebook and Twitter. Speaking of social media, this device has many social media apps so that you can stay connected to your best friends online without missing anything.

This smartphone comes with a 1GB Snapdragon processor that works great with all sorts of apps and processes. You can also expand the internal memory up to 32GB, which is enough to store many great apps and movies without feeling cramped.

Another great piece of hardware is the battery. The talk time is close to nine hours, and you can browse the Internet for about four to five hours. This means that you can easily use this phone for both work and fun.

Are your friends, coworkers or clients constantly leaving you messages? Managing your messages is often difficult because few devices give you a good interface to organize your voicemail inbox. The Kyocera Rise breaks the mold by giving you a visual voicemail system. This is an interactive tool that allows you to easily organize, listen to and manage your messages. You can also listen to your messages without calling your inbox.

This device is equipped with 3G connectivity, which is still the standard when it comes to mobile browsing. You can also connect to hotspots whenever you are home, at the office or anywhere else with a wireless signal. This ensures that you can always access the Internet whenever you need it.

  • Android 4.0 and Google Play Store
  • Slide-out QWERTY physical keyboard and a 3.5-inch display
  • Stay connected with text, instant messaging, email and social media apps
  • Use Sprintís exclusive apps, like Sprint TV and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile
  • 3.2MP camera that takes both photos and videos
  • Location-based apps with GPS support
  • Visual voicemail inbox allows you to manage and organize your messages

Your Price: $0.01  
Select Sprint plans for Kyocera Rise free shippingFREE SHIPPING

Kyocera Rise for Sprint
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