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Best Deal on LG Optimus Elite - White Phone for Sprint

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LG Optimus Elite - White

The new LG Optimus Elite provides each user with an affordably priced phone. The design of the Sprint phone was made to be environmentally responsible and contains many eco-friendly features. Building on the old LG Optimus S, the new Optimus elite contains a virtual QWERTY keyboard and a sleek format. Each phone is equipped with NFC technology and boasts of Goggle Wallet features. By using Google Wallet, phone owners can use the mobile device to purchase items at hundreds of participating retailers. This pocketable phone is perfect for users who want an Android phone and for people who already have a 3G device. The Android 2.3 software and 3.5-inch capacitive touch-screen make it easier to stay in touch or update social media. The LG Optimus Elite also boasts of mobile hotspot capabilities. Users can access up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices and visual voicemail.

The new Optimus Elite was named for its unique “elite” design. Creators of the mobile device designed the phone to have a sleek, utilitarian look. It spans 4.58 inches tall and 2.47 inches wide which makes it roughly the size of an iPhone 4. The phone also boasts of a 3.5 inch display that makes it great for watching movies. It is ULE Platinum-certified and is made with 50 percent recycled plastic material. Altogether it weighs just 4.25 ounces and the display is designed with Corning’s Gorilla Glass. The 16-million collar display offers an average of 320x480 pixel resolution which works well for everyday usage.

Most of the features offered by the LG Optimus Elite are standard for mobile devices. The only exceptional feature provided is Google Wallet. This software application enables users to purchase products securely at stores and restaurants. Users can also link phone numbers to videos or photos for easier recognition. This phone is outfitted with USB mass storage, Wi-Fi, syncing and Bluetooth for greater connectivity. It supports voice search, voice dialing, a Web browser and email POP3 services.

One of the best features of the phone is the 5-megapixel camera. This exceptional camera option comes with four color effects, a brightness meter, geotagging, an adjustable white balance, a digital zoom, four shutter sounds and an adjustable ISO. Special modes for night, sports, sunset, portrait and landscape are also offered. When taking a picture, users can just tap to focus the camera and can view the photo for up to five seconds after it is taken. This phone is equipped with camcorder features that boast of 720x480-pixel resolution and several editing options. Most video messages are limited to 30 seconds, but the time can be extended in standard mode. When operating the camcorder, users can select to have the flash operating continuously as a steady light.

Overall, the phone boasts of decent performance. Signal is strong and the sound produced is loud. The only drawback is that some distortion may appear in certain areas. Speakerphone calls work well and have a decent volume level in quieter locations. The 800MHZ processer that powers the phone is ideal for the price range and boasts of a fairly good internal speed.

The LG Optimus Elite is a favorite of photography aficionados on a budget because of its photo quality. Although its array of applications is limited, this mobile device holds up well against other phones in the same price range. Users can access full HTML pages from their phone and the battery lasts for 7.17 hours.

  • Supports Google Wallet
  • 5 mega pixel camera and camcorder
  • GPS Navigation with a 3D map
  • Access to 400,000 applications
  • 50GB of cloud storage space available
  • Email Access on the go
  • 32GB microSD card slot
  • Contains a 3.5" touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard
  • Wi-Fi supports up to five devices

Your Price: $0.01  
Select Sprint plans for LG Optimus Elite - White free shippingFREE SHIPPING

LG Optimus Elite - White for Sprint
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