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Best Deal on LG Rumor Reflex White Phone for Sprint

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LG Rumor Reflex White

The LG Rumor Reflex is a great feature phone that is perfect for anyone that loves texting, emailing and typing messages on their phone. The slide-out keyboard is sleek and comfortable and the Reflexís design is as green and sustainable as possible. This device also has a fairly large display that is great for using apps and browsing the Internet. If you want an affordable phone thatís loaded with features, then this device wonít disappoint.

Sustainable Design
One of the most notable things about this device is that itís made to be sustainable. While most companies are moving towards being as eco-friendly as possible, phone manufacturers are woefully behind in this trend. Most phones are made with materials that are difficult to recycle or reuse. Thatís not the case with the LG Rumor Reflex.

This is one of the few devices to be awarded the ULE Platinum Certification for sustainability. The phone is made from 31 percent recycled plastic and about 64 percent of the materials can be easily recycled. If you care about the environment, then this is one of the best devices that you can buy.

The slide-out keyboard is very roomy and easy to use. While most modern phones are now using virtual keyboards, there are many users that find these hard to use. Thatís exactly why this phone is perfect for texting and writing messages. You should have no problems typing anything in a matter of seconds without any mistakes. Itís also easy to make social media posts because of the pre-installed Facebook and Twitter apps.

Most feature phones have small displays with very low resolutions that make it difficult to do even the simplest of tasks. The Reflex has a 3-inch display, which is actually fairly large for its build. This ensures that you can easily browse the Internet without having to squint your eyes. The display is also a responsive touch screen, which makes it easy to access all of the different features.

Internet Connectivity
Another great thing about this feature phone is that it offers fast Internet connectivity. This device is capable of connecting to 3G networks, which allows you to quickly browse through different websites. While 4G is becoming popular, 3G is still the standard when it comes to mobile Web browsing.

The 2MP camera is perfect for taking small photos to share on social media, through email or just to view in your spare time. You also get a camcorder option to record video. You can choose to save the video in local storage, or the video can be automatically attached to an email. If you choose the latter option, then the video can be up to 30 seconds long.

GPS Capabilities
A GPS is another thing that most feature phones lack. The Reflex ensures that you will never get lost again with its Sprint Navigation app. This will give you directions so that you can easily drive or walk to your destination. Youíll also find that this phone is much cheaper, and much more useful, than buying a separate GPS device for your car.

  • Comes with a large 3-inch display that is perfect for Web browsing and using apps.
  • A sustainable construction that is made with 31 percent recycled materials and the device is 64 percent recyclable.
  • Bluetooth capabilities for hands-free driving.
  • GPS support that works with Sprint Navigation.
  • A 2MP camera and camcorder that can take small pictures and videos that are great for social media and sharing through email.
  • Comes with Mobile Sync, which allows you to easily sync contacts if the phone is ever lost or stolen.
  • Slide-out keyboard that is roomy and easy to use.

Your Price: $0.01  
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LG Rumor Reflex White for Sprint
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