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Samsung Brightside Blue

The Samsung Brightside is a unique and powerful feature phone that has many features and a lot of power. One of the most noticeable features is the slide-out keyboard, which makes typing easy and fun. Unlike many other feature phones that arenít as good when it comes to browsing and messaging, this free phone comes with many different apps and contact methods so that you can stay connected to the world. You also get a camera that is great for posting pictures to Facebook and Twitter.

Slide-out keyboards have remained consistently popular because people like touching and feeling real keys when they type. While virtual keyboards allow phone manufacturers to make thinner phones, a slide-out keyboard is much better for typing messages, URLs and emails. The Brightsideís slide-out keyboard is comfortable and easy to use. Your thumbs should have no problems gliding across the keys to quickly type messages.

This device features a 3.1-inch display that looks great with its customized interface. The display also features touch integration so that you can tap the icons to open the associated programs. Unlike most feature phones that only have a few proprietary apps, this one has many popular apps like social media apps, games and tools. The touch screen allows you to quickly use these apps without having to fiddle around with any buttons.

Internet Connectivity
Almost every modern feature phone can access wireless signals from routers, but this phone is something special. The first major benefit that this feature phone has over others is that it can connect to a 3G network if you get a data plan. This type of connection is fairly fast and you can easily load many different websites. The other benefit is that this phone uses the Opera browser.

Most feature phones have a proprietary browser that is full of bugs and problems. The Opera browser is an official browser that is powerful and stable. If you need to stay connected to the Internet, then this is the ideal feature phone.

The Samsung Brightside has a 3.2MP camera that can also capture video. While the photos wonít quite be good enough for printing, they will be great for Facebook and Twitter. The photos also look great on the phoneís display.

Advanced Caller ID
Every mobile phone has a caller ID function that will tell you what phone number is calling you. This phone has an advanced caller ID that goes one step further. If someone who isnít in your contacts list is calling you, then the caller ID will display the personís number, city and state. This is great if you want to screen incoming calls.

Contact Methods
The Brightside does more than send and receive calls. This phone can send text messages, video messages, emails and picture messages. Having as many contact methods as possible ensures that you can easily stay connected to your friends and coworkers.

As stated above, this phone comes with many apps that you will find useful. The major benefit of getting this phone is that you can access the Verizon storefront to buy even more apps. Apps are great for expanding the functionality of your phone. If you want to do more with your device, then check out the Verizon storefront for great software.

  • Features a 3.1-inch display and a customized interface.
  • Comes with a slide-out keyboard for easy texting and message writing.
  • A 3.2MP camera that also has video capture capabilities.
  • Packed with useful apps like social media apps, games and tools.
  • Stay connected with voice calls, emails, texts, picture messages and video messages.
  • Uses the official Opera Web browser and has 3G connectivity.

Your Price: FREE  
Select Verizon Wireless plans for Samsung Brightside Blue free shippingFREE SHIPPING

Verizon Wireless
Samsung Brightside Blue for Verizon Wireless
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