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Samsung Galaxy Note II White

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is larger than most smartphone, with a height of 5.95 inches and a width of 3.17 inches. It is well worth the size, however, as the screen makes it easier than ever to read text and watch movies comfortably. You can easily use it as an eReader with no eye strain. The larger size doesn't mean a heavier phone, either. It's light and comfortable to hold.

The newest, most revolutionary aspect of the Galaxy Note II is the S Pen. It looks much like a regular stylus would. However, where a regular stylus never quite feels natural in your hand, the S Pen does its best to mimic the weight and feel of an actual pen. It's easier than ever to writes notes to yourself on your Sprint phones. Just use the S Pen to literally write those notes on the phone's screen and save them for later. It's a faster, easier input tool that makes the Galaxy Note II even easier to use. The note taking and drawing apps are an excellent way to make the most of the S Pen.

The battery life is one of the major draws of the Galaxy Note II. It can run all day long on heavy use before needing a charge. The battery is replaceable, so someday down the road when it does die out, you can replace it yourself without having to take it into an electronics store.

The Galaxy Note II's camera is one of Samsung's best. As with most cameras without flash, it is not at its best in poor lighting. In well-lit areas, however, it performs above and beyond expectations. Choose from features like panorama or burst mode to get the exact look you want. Once you've gotten that perfect shot, use the S Pen to write captions, add effects, and share instantly on any of your social networks.

With the Galaxy Note II, you can have more than one application visible on the screen at a time. On a smaller phone, this would become cluttered and hard to see, but with this 5.5-inch screen, it's very simple to have Chrome open side by side with your note taking app, so you can jot down your thoughts on what you're reading as needed. Not all applications currently support split-screen mode, but keep checking for updates. Split-screen's not going away any time soon, so app developers are sure to start accommodating.

Of course, if you want to use your phone as an actual phone to make and receive calls, you can do that too. The sound quality on every call is great. The phone may be a little large to hold up to your ear for long amounts of time, but that is where Bluetooth and other headset devices make perfect add-ons. You'll spend so much time on the Galaxy Note II's other features that you'll find it's well worth the price of a headset for phone conversation comfort.

With all the Galaxy Note II offers, it's no surprise it's being called a "phablet" - it has all the functionality of a tablet on a device the size of a phone. The JellyBean operating system loads apps extremely quickly, making for a much smoother, more user-friendly experience. Samsung has truly outdone itself with this phone.

Your Price: $0.01  
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Samsung Galaxy Note II White for Sprint
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