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Best Deal on Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Phone for T-Mobile

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Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G is a powerful and sophisticated device that comes with a large screen, strong processor and great streaming support for movies and shows. This device also has a useful GPS feature with turn-by-turn voice navigation. If you want a free cell phone with comprehensive tools and features, then there are few smartphones that compare to the Galaxy S Blaze.

This device is equipped with the coveted Snapdragon 1.5GHz dual-core processor. These processor are only used in high-quality phones for people that love using intensive apps and browsing the Internet. You might notice lags with other phones because of the weak processing power, but this CPU is so powerful that you can seamlessly go from one app to the next without any downtime.

The Blaze has an impressive 3.97-inch display with touch screen capabilities. This also features Super AMOLED technology, which ensures that colors and graphics look vivid and sharp. While this display is great with websites and images, it really excels when you are playing games and movies.

You will find a 5MP camera on the back of this phone that is also equipped with an LED flash that works great in dark environments. You can take amazing photos with this camera that can be printed or shared online. The camera also functions as a video recorder that can shoot 720p HD videos.

Streaming Support
Do you love watching movies and shows on your phone? This device comes with several apps that are perfect for streaming. The Netflix, T-Mobile TV and Samsung Media Hub apps are all pre-installed on this phone. All of these apps have various movies, shows and live channels that you can watch at your leisure. Not only are the apps very inexpensive, but they give you comprehensive streaming support that ensures that you will always have something good to watch.

GPS Function
The TeleNav GPS app is one of the best that you can get. Not only do you get turn-by-turn voice instructions, but there are also traffic alerts and various routes to ensure that you can always reach your destination with the least amount of trouble. This is one of the few GPS apps that works much better than a dedicated GPS device.

Internet Connectivity
The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze can connect to 4G networks to provide you with amazing browsing and downloading speeds. You can also connect to any nearby WiFi networks. This ensures that you can always access the Internet whenever you need it. Not only that, but many users find that the Blaze provides browsing speeds that are similar to desktops connected to a dedicated router.

This device comes with many different virtual keyboards, but the default one is the Swype keyboard. This software is special because it allows you to swipe your finger across the keyboard to form works. If you hate virtual keyboards because they arenít as accurate, then try using Swype technology. Many users who are transitioning to virtual keyboards love this software because itís much easier and faster to use than a regular virtual keyboard.

  • Has a massive 3.97-inch display with Super AMOLED technology.
  • Use 4G networks to experience mobile browsing at lightning speeds.
  • Features a comprehensive GPS app with turn-by-turn voice instructions and traffic alerts.
  • Equipped with a 5MP camera that can take photos and 720p HD videos.
  • Comes with Swype keyboard technology so that you can easily type messages by swiping your finger across the screen.
  • Streaming support with the Netflix, Samsung Media Hub and T-Mobile TV apps.
  • Use voice commands with dialing, texting and navigation.

Your Price: FREE  
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Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G for T-Mobile
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