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Best Deal on Samsung Galaxy S III 4G LTE Purple Phone for Sprint

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Samsung Galaxy S III 4G LTE Purple

Outfitted with All Share Play and the Android Beam application, the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G LTE is the smartphone you wished you had. The All Share Play feature allows users to show all of their content from any location around the world. This enables them to share music or videos with their friends. The Android-powered Sprint cell phone is also equipped with S Beam which lets two smartphones share files when they are physically next to each other. Outfitted with a front-facing camera, the Galaxy S III is equipped with Share Shot for sending and receiving photos among friends. The camera boasts of 8 megapixels and clear images. This exceptional phone has a 4.8 inch display and uses Sprintís noteworthy 4G LTE network.

One of the best reasons to purchase the Galaxy S III is for its ample storage spaces. This phone can support up to ten devices on its Wi-Fi network and allows users to access their work files using AllShare technology. If you are always on the go, the AllShare technology will let you look at your work documents from any location and at any time of day. Users can enjoy having a sleekly designed phone and a host of music at their fingertips. Boasting of an intuitive experience, the Galaxy S uses Jelly Bean and is outfitted with S Voice for phone calls. The machine is platinum certified so it follows in line with all of the environmental requirements stated by UL environment. Since the phone is offered by Sprint, users can enjoy unlimited data, phone calls and text messages to any mobile device. This simplifies phone ownership by eliminating overage costs and metering.

Sharing and Content
This phone uses AllShare Play so users can send all of their files to friends or their other mobile devices. They can download Instagram or Dropbox and access all of their social media sites. The AllShare Play feature also lets you to transmit any video or music file to your Samsung Smart television or other home entertainment system. Equipped with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, the phone runs on Android 4.1. It contains a 2,100 mAg Lithium Ion battery and enjoys a talk time of up to nine hours.

Weighing 4.7 ounces, the Galaxy S III is 5.4 inches long and 2.8 inches wide. It is a slight 0.3 inches think and contains a 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED touch screen. You can access either 16GB or 32GB of ROM and use 2GB of Ram. For extra space, the smartphone can be adapted with a 64GV Micro SD card.

Music Hub and Share Shot
The Share Shot feature is operated when the phone is in camera mode. Anyone that you allow can add shots to the gallery and you can share all of the photos you take instantly. The camera is equipped with Buddy Photo Share so each image with a person in it is automatically recognized through the facial recognition software. It is then shared with your friend through the Buddy Photo Share application. For even faster sharing, users just have to place their phone back-to-back with another phone. The Galaxy S III will then instantly transfer large files, documents or photos with just one touch. Users can also access Samsungís Music Hub for all of their favorite music. Your entire music collection can be stored in the cloud and streamed when you want it.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S III provides all of the necessary updates needed by the Galaxy phone line and goes a step farther. It offers unprecedented applications for sharing and is easy to navigate for new smartphone users. Intuitive design and high-quality components combine to make this one unforgettable smartphone.

Your Price: $0.01  
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Samsung Galaxy S III 4G LTE Purple for Sprint
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