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Best Deal on Samsung Galaxy Stellar - 4G LTE Phone for Verizon Wireless

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Samsung Galaxy Stellar - 4G LTE

The Samsung Galaxy Stellar is a solid entry-level Verizon cell phone that sports a custom Android 4 OS that is amazingly customizable. The best thing about this phone is that it's the same price as other entry-level phones, but the power is close to most midrange devices. You also get a massive display, 4G connectivity and a great camera with this smartphone. If you want an inexpensive phone with a lot of power, then the Steller is definitely something to consider.

This device has a 4-inch display with a resolution of 800-by-480 pixels. The display is also touch sensitive so that you can easily switch through apps and menus without fooling around with any buttons. Games and movies look crisp and vibrant, and text is easy to read without any blurring. The large display works perfectly with the Android OS because it allows you to enjoy all of the apps without feeling cramped or restricted.

Another useful thing about the display is that it's slightly curved. This ensures that it won't scratch even if the display facing the ground.

Powerful Processor
The Stellar gives you a massive amount of power despite its low price tag. This device has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, which is usually reserved for midrange phones. You can quickly use different apps and browse many websites without the phone showing any signs of slowing down. This processor is also perfect for HD games and other intensive apps that other phones simply can't handle without lagging.

Google+ Integration
While this phone has many social media apps, it's been mostly integrated with the Google+ platform. You can access the Group Video Chat feature so that you can talk to all of your friends or associates on Google+. This is great if you want to talk to many people through a video chat. You will also find that this is better than a regular video chat app because it's been programmed to have fewer lags than most other video chat apps.

The Samsung Galaxy Stellar 4G LTE comes with a 3.2MP camera and LED flash that allows you to take some amazing photos. Not only does the camera come with all of the basic features, but you can shoot panoramic photos by slowly moving your phone across a landscape. This ensures that you can capture very wide areas without have to take several pictures.

The camera can also capture video. While it can't record HD video, you will be happy to know that the resolution is close to a standard DVD. This is very good considering how inexpensive the device is.

Internet Connectivity
Another major benefit is that you can access 4G networks with this phone. If you've never used 4G, then you'll be surprised to see that it works nearly as fast as your desktop or laptop. According to many tests, this particular phone can download a 1GB file in about 12 minutes. If you're an avid media lover, then you will really enjoy streaming and downloading files this quickly.

  • Has a 4-inch display with an 800-by-480 resolution that is perfect for games, text and websites.
  • Comes with Android 4 at an affordable price.
  • A 3.2MP camera that can take panoramic photos and record video.
  • The curved display reduces the likelihood of the display being scratched.
  • Features an incredibly powerful 1.2GHz dual-core processor that allows you to easily use intensive apps without noticeable lags.
  • Can access 4G LTE networks for amazing browsing and downloading speeds.
  • Google+ Group Video Chat feature allows you to speak with many different people at once.

Your Price: $0.99  
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Verizon Wireless
Samsung Galaxy Stellar - 4G LTE for Verizon Wireless
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