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Best Deal on Samsung Intensity III Phone for Verizon Wireless

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Samsung Intensity III

The Samsung Intensity III allows users to stay connected to their friends through text messaging, social media and picture messaging. This free phone is designed to be rugged so you do not have to worry about breaking it when you are hiking or out on the town. For special memories, the camera and camcorder can capture images and record video. The Bluetooth 3.0 software lets users share information, talk to their friends and print documents without any wires.

This smartphone comes with two different keyboards. One is a traditionally designed keyboard below the phone. For texts and longer emails, you can slide out a side keyboard with QWERTY keys. Extremely easy to use, these two keyboards make messaging colleagues a breeze. Users can take advantage of video messaging options and set Sound alerts for phone calls and messages. It allows you to stay connected to your Twitter and Facebook accounts while you are on the go.

Sleek black coloring and heavy-duty features make this phone the perfect choice for adventurous individuals. The Samsung Intensity III is designed to withstand every weather condition. It is made to meet 810F military specifications so it can stand up to changes in temperature and shock. The phone is also capable of holding up in high altitudes and humidity. It has a texturized back that makes it easy to hold with one hand and the sides are designed for easy gripping.

Camera and Bluetooth 3.0
On the side of the phone, users will find a microSD slot. This slot is capable of using microSD cards of up to 32GB. It boasts of a built-in camera that can record images or video. The 2 megapixel camera has three resolution options and a night mode setting. Users can set a self-timer or adjust the brightness and color. For driving or long hikes, the Bluetooth 3.0 technology is great. It lets you listen to music or place a phone call without any wires. You can use a compatible headset to print documents or call a friend. It also enables users to share photos or video without ever having to touch the smartphone.

Software and Apps
In addition to voice commands, users can enjoy having a backup assistant and VZ Navigator apps. The phone is set up with personal organizer applications and can handle 1,000 contacts. For annoying social situations, the Samsung Intensity III lets you set up a Fake Call option. This makes the ringing stop for you when an unwanted caller dials your phone, but they still hear ringing and a voice message.

Overall, this smartphone is an excellent choice for users who are always on the go. It can handle up to 300 minutes of talk time or 300 hours of being on standby. The Samsung Intensity III for Verizon contains a 2.4 inch display and weighs a light 4.06 ounces.

  • 2 megapixel camera with a night mode option
  • Built to military grade 810F
  • Perfect for users who need a rugged smartphone that lasts
  • Lightweight design
  • Bluetooth 3.0 lets you send messages and print wirelessly
  • Battery lasts 300 hours on standby

Your Price: FREE  
Select Verizon Wireless plans for Samsung Intensity III free shippingFREE SHIPPING

Verizon Wireless
Samsung Intensity III for Verizon Wireless
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