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Best Deal on Samsung M400 Phone for Sprint

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Samsung M400

The Samsung M400 is an accessible phone that people of all ages can use without any problems. This flip phone has large buttons that are very easy to see and press, which makes this device ideal for messaging and calling people. There is also a button dedicated to calling 911 so that you can quickly get help if needed. If you want an affordable cell phone that lacks superfluous multimedia functions, then this is the perfect device.

Large Buttons Most modern cell phones have very small buttons that can be difficult to use for some people. The M400ís buttons are about the same size as the buttons on a landline phone. They are also very comfortable to use when calling or typing messages. One of the buttons is dedicated to calling 911 if you are ever in an emergency. Donít worry about accidentally pushing this button. You will be asked to approve the call to 911 before you will reach a representative.

Expandable Fonts If you browse the Internet or type text messages, then you might occasionally experience text that is a little difficult to read because the characters are too small. You can easily expand the fonts to read these messages without squinting. This feature applies to every tool and app on this phone that has text.

Internet Connectivity Unlike most smartphones, you donít need to buy a data plan for this device. If you do get a data plan, then you can connect to the Internet with 3G speeds. This allows you to easily browse the Internet while you are away from your computer. There is no WiFi function, so you need a data plan to access the Internet with this device.

Display This device features a 2.4-inch display with a resolution of 320-by-240 pixels. This resolution is perfect for looking at simple websites, images and text. It can be difficult to see the screen unless you are looking at it head-on, which is good because this keeps other people from seeing what you are typing or looking at.

Battery Life The M400 has a suitable battery life of about five hours if you are consistently talking on this device. If you use this device exclusively for keeping up with friends or getting help with emergencies, then you can easily go throughout the day without charging the battery.

Bluetooth If you have a Bluetooth-enabled earpiece, then you can use it with this phone. This allows you to stay safe while driving or doing anything else because your hands are completely free. There is also a speakerphone if you donít have any Bluetooth accessories.

  • Has a 1.3MP camera that can efficiently capture pictures.
  • Comes with a large keypad and you can also expand any text.
  • You can purchase a separate data plan to enjoy 3G browsing with this device.
  • Stay in touch with friends using the Facebook and Twitter apps.
  • The T9 Word Completion tool makes it much easier to write messages since the device will finish words for you.
  • This device can connect to Bluetooth accessories so that you can keep your hands free.

Your Price: FREE  
Select Sprint plans for Samsung M400 free shippingFREE SHIPPING

Samsung M400 for Sprint
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