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Best Deal on T-Mobile Prism Charcoal Grey Phone for T-Mobile

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T-Mobile Prism Charcoal Grey

The T-Mobile Prism is a great entry-level smartphone that is perfect if you are looking to upgrade from a feature phone, but you donít need the power of a top-tier smartphone. This free phone comes with all of the features that you need for browsing the Internet, downloading Android apps and calling your best friends. Another huge advantage is that the device is quite inexpensive when compared to similar smartphones.

The Prism has a 3.5-inch display and the body is compact so that it will comfortably fit in your hand. The resolution is 480-by-320 pixels, which is good enough for watching movies and looking at images. The display is also fitted with capacitive touch screen technology. This allows you to interact with the device by just tapping it with your finger. You donít need to use a stylus or similar device. Another advantage is that the virtual keyboard is comfortable to use and you shouldnít make many mistakes while typing messages.

Battery Life
Most smartphones have a notoriously low battery life because the power has to be routed to the large display, Internet connection and other features. The T-Mobile Prism has proven very good at using its battery so that you can use the phone all day without having to sit down and recharge. Most tests show that you can talk continuously for about six hours. The same goes for using the Internet and watching movies.

Internet Connectivity
This smartphone is able to connect to 3G data networks to deliver fast browsing speeds with minimal lagging. A 3G connection is perfect if you like using social media, occasionally browsing websites or downloading apps every now and then. You can also connect to routers and other hotspots wirelessly so that you can browse the Internet without tapping into your data plan. If you donít want to spend the extra money, then you can forego the data plan. If you have other devices, then youíll be happy to know that you can share your 3G connection with laptops, tablets and even other smartphones. This is because the Prism can function as a mobile hotspot.

Call Quality
Calls sound crisp and clear with this smartphone. You will also find that this phone is very adept at connecting to cellular networks when compared to similar phones. This ensures that you will never miss a call and that you can easily hear your friends or coworkers.

The Prism has a 3.2MP camera that comes with a handful of useful features. Perhaps the best features are geo-tagging, white balancing and being able to choose different picture qualities so that you can control the size of the image. You can also record video and immediately upload both the photos and videos to your favorite social network.

  • Has a 3.5-inch display and a small body that feels comfortable in the hand.
  • Comes with a 3.2MP camera that can record video and has many features so that you can customize your photos.
  • Call quality is amazing and the phone can easily connect to cellular networks.
  • Can connect to 3G networks for fast Web browsing.
  • The battery life is about six hours with continuous talking and browsing.
  • Many T-Mobile apps come pre-installed, such as T-Mobile TV and Game Base.
  • Has a comfortable virtual keyboard that is simple to use.

Your Price: $59.99  
Select T-Mobile plans for T-Mobile Prism Charcoal Grey free shippingFREE SHIPPING

T-Mobile Prism Charcoal Grey for T-Mobile
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