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Best Deal on T-Mobile myTouch - Red Phone for T-Mobile

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T-Mobile myTouch - Red

Boasting of a 4.0 inch touch screen, the T-Mobile MyTouch is an Android-powered mobile device. This smart phone can connect to 4G networks and is extremely easy to handle for beginning smartphone users. The design is intuitive and the MyTouch is affordably priced. To set up the smartphone, users just have to go through each step-by-step instruction. For social media access, phone owners just have to use their SWYPE keyboard. Within minutes, users can download games, start applications, integrate email and access their favorite sites. Many of these options can even be done using voice commands. If the user wants to share photos, the phone comes equipped with a 5 megapixel front-facing camera and a 720p HD video recorder. The video camcorder works great for short films and video chatting. Overall, this is an exceptionally intuitive, simple smartphone.

Design Concept
The T-Mobile MyTouch stands a total of 4.5 inches tall and spans 2.46 inches. Since it is only 0.41 inch thick, it can easily fit inside a jean pocket or purse. Even though it has a relatively small length, it weighs 4.94 ounces. Its extra size makes it a little uncomfortable to use. On the left of the screen, users will find the 3.5mm phone jack and power button. The micro-USB port is on the bottom of the smartphone. Overall, the best part of the design is the 40inch WVGA touch screen. It boasts of 480x800 pixel resolution and vibrant colors.

Powered by a 1.4GHz processor, the MyTouch is made to quickly perform actions like pinch-zooming and changing apps. Applications that come with the phone include Gmail, YouTube, Plus, Latitude, Music, Store, Maps with Navigation, Search, Places, Talk, Play Books and Messenger. Specialized apps include horoscope and hotline apps. Other than standard apps like a notepad, news and alarm clock, MyTouch also features a mobile office suite. Users can access the magazine app, Zinio, or listen to Slacker Radio. The only negative associated with the phone is the sheer number of apps. Although this is convenient for tech-lovers, it can be overwhelming for the average smartphone owner. Altogether, the phone includes three different email clients as well as two gaming portals. The added apps would not be an issue, except the app drawer is also poorly designed. If users can get over this one flaw, the rest of the phone’s features are more than adequate.

Camera and Video
This T-Mobile MyTouch contains a 5-megapixel camera and video options. Users can take advantage of features like geotagging, LED flash, three focusing modes, seven color effects, a zooming meter, five white balance options and six photo sizes. For a smartphone, the photo quality is quite good as long as the picture is taken in a well-lit area.

Despite the flawed layout of its apps, the T-Mobile MyTouch offers a very consistent experience for families. Call and photo quality are both highly rated. Best of all, the phone comes at an affordable price and has one of the best designs of the MyTouch line of phones.

  • 4 inch screen and intuitive layout
  • Genius button for voice control
  • Fast downloads and web access
  • 1.4GHz processor
  • Email access from any location
  • Thousands of apps available
  • Shareable Wi-Fi connection for other devices
  • Front-facing camera for video chat
  • On-demand and live TV streaming
  • 5MP camera and 720p camcorder

Your Price: FREE  
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T-Mobile myTouch - Red for T-Mobile
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