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Best Deal on BlackBerry Bold 9930 Phone for Sprint

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BlackBerry Bold 9930

The BlackBerry Bold 9930 is the perfect device for business users and anybody that wants a performance-based smartphone. Not only does this Sprint phone have the latest BlackBerry 7 OS, but you also get responsive hardware that will help you finish tasks without experiencing lags. Most users enjoy this phone's ability to open and edit Microsoft files without downloading additional apps.

BlackBerry phones are known for their distinctive physical keyboards at the bottom of the device, but the Bold 9930 has some small changes that make a big difference. The first major upgrade is that the keyboard and all of the keys are slightly wider. The other upgrade is that the shape of the buttons has been slightly changed to curve upward. This makes it much easier to type messages and emails without feeling cramped.

Microsoft Integration
This device has the ability to open and edit certain Microsoft documents so that you can easily make adjustments to these files when your computer isnít available. You will be able to work with Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents with this phone. You can also make these files from scratch if you need to quickly create a presentation, text document or spreadsheet.

The 2.8-inch display features a 640-by-480 resolution that is much better than previous Bold models. The best thing about this display is the 287 pixels per inch. This is close to the mighty Retina display, which means that movies, games and images look amazing with this display. The screen also works remarkably well in the sunlight.

The BlackBerry Bold 9930ís camera is capable of both taking photos and recording videos. The 5MP resolution is perfect for taking pictures that you intend to print or share online. You can also record 720p HD videos that look amazing on this phone or anywhere else. The camera comes with additional features like image stabilization that will help you take the perfect picture.

Email Integration
There is a powerful email client that makes it very easy to keep up with your digital inbox. You can simultaneously use 10 email addresses and an additional BlackBerry email account. This will allow even the busiest people to stay connected with their clients, coworkers and family members.

Battery Life
If are constantly on the phone during work, then you will love the Bold 9930. You can talk for up to nine hours without killing the battery. This also applies to using the Internet or intensive apps that normally drain batteries in just a few hours. This ensures that you can get through even the busiest days without recharging your phone.

GPS Unit
This phone comes with a GPS that will help you when youíre walking or driving. The GPS will give you vocal directions that are perfect for driving. If you are walking, then you can use the GPSís compass feature. This shows your current direction and it will also help guide you towards your destination. This makes the Bold 9930 the perfect companion while driving, hiking or if youíre just lost.

  • Comes with a 2.8-inch display that has an amazing 287 pixels per inch and touch screen capabilities.
  • Can integrate with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files so that you can read and edit these files when a computer isnít around.
  • Has a 5MP camera and 720p HD video recorder that is perfect for preserving memories.
  • Features the new BlackBerry 7 OS.
  • Stores up to 10 unique email addresses and one BlackBerry email address.
  • Keep up with friends online with the Twitter, Facebook and other social media apps.
  • Comes with a GPS that is perfect for driving or walking.

Your Price: $160  
Select Sprint plans for BlackBerry Bold 9930 free shippingFREE SHIPPING

BlackBerry Bold 9930 for Sprint
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