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Best Deal on BlackBerry Curve 9360 Black Phone for T-Mobile

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BlackBerry Curve 9360 Black

The BlackBerry Curve 9360 is one of the most recent Curve models that has a powerful processor and many necessary updates. One of the major updates is that this device is running the BlackBerry 7 OS, which is known for having a powerful Web browser and better responsiveness. You also get a full keyboard with expandable memory so that you can save all of your movies and photos. If you love BlackBerry phones, then this upgrade will be a loved addition.

The display has been upgraded so that Web browsing and messaging looks much crisper. While it still has a 2.4-inch display, the resolution has been nearly doubled to 480-by-360 pixels with HVGA+ graphics. This ensures that everything looks nice and clear. The pixel density is also 246ppi, which rivals many modern phones.

One of the most prominent elements on any BlackBerry phone is the keyboard. Almost every phone in their lineup has a large physical keyboard. If you hate virtual keyboards because they are difficult to use, then transitioning to a physical keyboard will be a welcomed change. Unlike many other phones with similar designs, the Curve 9360 has a larger keyboard that is amazing for typing emails and text messages. Thereís also a track-pad so that you can easily navigate through your apps and programs.

Expandable Memory
Having expandable memory allows you to significantly increase the local storage with an SD card. This device only has 512MB of native storage, but you can upgrade that to 32GB with an inexpensive memory card. If you are business user or just have a lot of files, then expandable memory is essential. Youíll never have to worry about storage again with this feature.

International Compatibility
Do you commonly travel to different countries? If you do, then you might be used to your phone failing you because it isnít compatible with the phone signals from other countries. This can make it very difficult to contact coworkers, friends and clients, but that wonít be a problem with this device. It is built specifically to work internationally so that youíll never miss a call. Roaming fees do apply.

Faster Browsing
The BlackBerry 7 OS fixes many of the compatibility issues that the former OS had in terms of Web browsing. The older OS had a hard time loading and working with common programming languages, which often led to slow and unsuccessful Web browsing. The BlackBerry Curve 9360 works much better in this arena, and the 3G connectivity ensures that you can easily browse your favorite websites. There is also better streaming support because the new OS has HTML5 compatibility, which is commonly used by YouTube and other streaming websites.

WiFi Calling
Another interesting feature is WiFi calling. If you have to make a lot of calls and you donít have many minutes left, then this will help you complete the calls without having to pay additional fees. Just connect the BlackBerry Curve 9360 to a local wireless network and all of your calls will be carried through that network. This allows you to use the phone without sacrificing your minutes.

  • A 2.4-inch display with a full keyboard that is comfortable and ideal for typing.
  • Features the updated BlackBerry 7 OS.
  • Better Web browsing and HTML5 support ensure that you can easily browse through many websites without problems.
  • Expandable memory allows up to 32GB of storage with an SD card.
  • Comes with a 5MP camera that takes great photos with no shutter lag.
  • A much stronger processor than the previous Curve ensures that apps and programs work without lagging.

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BlackBerry Curve 9360 Black for T-Mobile
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