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Boost Mobile now offers nice phones and cheap plans. Get unlimited nationwide talk, text, web, 411, IM & email with no contracts for just $50 a month. The same postpaid plan goes for $100 at AT&T - you are saving $50 a month. That's $1200 over the 2-year contract period. In case you decide to stay with BoostMobile for a while you will be rewarded with $5 discount for every 6 months of continuous service for up to $15. That means you can cut your monthly wireless bill to just $35 a month. There is no credit check or deposit required. You choose from basic flip phones, text messaging phones, or advanced Android smartphones at Our prices are so low that we are not allowed to advertise them online.

BlackBerry 8530

BlackBerry 8530 for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $178.88

Boost Mobile

Motorola Clutch i475

Motorola Clutch i475 for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $98.88

Boost Mobile

Motorola Gallo i296

Motorola Gallo i296 for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $59.99

Boost Mobile

Motorola i412

Motorola i412 for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $69.99

Boost Mobile

Motorola Rambler

Motorola Rambler for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $59.99

Boost Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Prevail

Samsung Galaxy Prevail for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $169.99

Boost Mobile

Samsung Seek SPH-M350

Samsung Seek SPH-M350 for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $129.99

Boost Mobile

Sanyo Innuendo

Sanyo Innuendo for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $129.99

Boost Mobile

Sanyo Juno SCP-2700

Sanyo Juno SCP-2700 for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $69.99

Boost Mobile

Sanyo Juno SCP-2700 Pink

Sanyo Juno SCP-2700 Pink for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $69.99

Boost Mobile

Sanyo Mirro SCP-3810

Sanyo Mirro SCP-3810 for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $69.99

Boost Mobile

Motorola Theory

Motorola Theory for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $79.88

Boost Mobile

Samsung Factor

Samsung Factor for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $48.88

Boost Mobile

BlackBerry Style 9670

BlackBerry Style 9670 for Boost Mobile
Your Price: $198.88

Boost Mobile

Order your brand new Boost Mobile phones for cheap. You can also opt for Daily Unlimited Plan for a low rate of only $2/day with nationwide coverage. There are no overage, roaming, activation or convenience fees. All phones are covered by full U.S. Manufacturer warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason - simply return the phone within 30 and receive a full refund.

Boost Mobile is a reliable cell phone carrier with many different plans and features, but what makes them better than the other carriers? Just a few of the benefits that you will experience include shrinking payments, no contracts and unlimited plans that are great for smartphone users. If you are looking for a new carrier, then you should definitely consider Boost Mobile.

Shrinking Payments
Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to choose this carrier is that your monthly payments will shrink over time. If you donít have any late payments, then your monthly planís rate will decrease by $5 every six months. Your rate will be decreased at most by $15 after 18 months of making all of your payments. Not only is this much cheaper than other carriers, but it feels good to have a carrier reward you for staying with them. If you miss a payment, then this starts over at the original rate, but the payments will shrink again if you are diligent.

No Contracts
Most carriers lock you into a two-year contract so that you canít choose another carrier. While the contract can be broken, it often costs hundreds of dollars in fines and you will probably be required to return your phone. Boost Mobile doesnít force you to sign any contracts. This applies to all of their plans.

The advantage of not having to sign a contract means that you have the ability to choose another carrier at any time and for any reason. This is much better than being forced to stay with a carrier for two years regardless of your satisfaction.

Daily Plans
If you only need service for a very short period of time, then you might like Boost Mobileís daily plans. These plans apply to feature, BlackBerry and Android phones. This allows you to use the phone only as long as you need it. The plans are $3 at most depending on what type of phone you are using. Itís also very easy to cancel the plan when you are finished. You just have to stop paying. If you donít pay for 60 days, then the phone service will be cancelled for that phone. If you are traveling, trying new phones or just want to see if Boost Mobile is good for your needs, then the daily plans are worth trying. You get all the benefits of a monthly plan except for the shrinking payments.

All Unlimited Plans
Donít you hate when phone carriers give you limited plans with high monthly rates? Most carriers will limit your data, minutes and text messages unless you are willing to pay a lot of money every month. Thatís not the case with this carrier. All of their plans are unlimited. You can browse the Internet, download apps, call and send text messages as much as you want without having to pay fines or overages.

If you have a 4G phone, then you will be able to connect to a 4G network if you use less than 2.5GB of data per month. If you go over this limit, then the only penalty is that your connection will be downgraded to 3G connectivity until the month is over.

If you like the idea of having no contracts, shrinking payments and unlimited plans that allow you to do whatever you want, then you should consider Boost Mobile. The benefits are amazing and the prices are even better.

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