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CASIO GzOne Commando

The Casio GzOne Commando is one of the sturdiest smartphones on the market. The Casio brand of phones are created for military use, meant to withstand environmental hazards such as extreme temperatures, rain, and high humidity. The phone's protective shell packs on a bit more bulk and weight, but it is well worth it, as this free phone is water-resistant, shock-proof, and dust-proof, among other things. The 3.6" display has a 400 x 800 resolution, providing good detail and brightness.

Android 2.2 Frozen Yogurt is the native operating system on the Commando. Casio has added on only a little bit to the standard Android interface, including a snap-out menu that allows you to quickly access your most common apps and phone features. Customize your Snap menu by adding up to five shortcuts. You can then access any of them with a simple swipe of your finger. For keyboard inboard, the Commando uses the T9 Trace keyboard, a Swype-like input option which offers very accurate guesses any time you type something wrong.

Verizon's pre-loaded apps for the phone include Bing Search, Skype Mobile, Slacker Radio, and Social Beat, which connects all your social networking accounts together for easy one-click access. Add your Google account in the Android Market, and it will automatically add Gmail and YouTube apps. If you have ever used an Android before, it will also copy over the saved contact list from that device. Use the email app to safely check your work email - Casio guarantees secure encryption on any emails you send through Microsoft Exchange.

As great as Verizon's apps are, though, the real treasure is found in the apps added on by G'zGear. It's a perfect collection of applications for outdoor adventurers, including a compass app, a sunrise and sunset tracker, a temperature app, a pedometer, and Star Gazer, which uses the phone's GPS to display images of the stars above you. Use the 5-megapixel camera to take pictures and record video along the way as you hike, camp, or mountain climb.

The Commando boasts good call quality and a speedy data connection, with very few instances of choppy or lagging video streaming. The phone's 800MHz processor helps keep things running smoothly no matter what apps you are using. The battery life for the phone is good, with a little over seven hours of talk time, but it can last several days if used very little. Once again, this makes it the perfect phone for outdoor adventurers with little access to electrical outlets. Take your phone along with you on your outdoor vacation and, as long as you use it sparingly, you will have plenty of battery to last the full trip.

  • 5.08 inches x 2.58 inches x 0.6 inch, with a weight of 5.45 ounces - bulkier and more suited for rugged use
  • Water-resistant protective shell keeps your phone safe no matter what
  • Bright, vibrant display with 400 x 800 resolution to give you great images
  • 800MHz processor creates a great, smooth user experience
  • Wide variety of outdoor-themed apps are perfect for hikers, bikers, and campers
  • Snap button allows quicker access to your favorite apps
  • Mobile hotspot feature lets up to five devices with wi-fi connect to your phone for Internet access
  • 1,460mAh battery will easily last a couple days on a wilderness camping trip

Your Price: FREE  
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CASIO GzOne Commando for Verizon Wireless
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