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Cricket Wireless Choosing a wireless service provider can be a difficult decision, especially if you're someone who shies away from big companies. Sometimes it seems as if the only option for cell phone service is one of the big names, but you'd rather support a smaller business. You just don't know where to look. Here's at least one place you should be looking - at Cricket Wireless. There are many reasons you should consider Cricket Wireless as your service provider. Here are just a few of them.

1. Save money on your plans, even if you have a smartphone.

Those data plans can rack up quite a charge, especially if you exceed your limit and have to pay overages. With Cricket, you can choose their Android plan, where for just $50, you can have unlimited talk, text, and data. No data overages, because you truly have unlimited data - something the big name carriers don't even offer as an option anymore. This $50 Android plan is less than half what you would pay elsewhere for the same service. That's a savings of over $700 over the course of a year.

2. No contracts.

You will never be locked into a lengthy commitment with Cricket. You can get all the same great service, great phone discounts, and great plan options without knowing this is what you are stuck with. If something comes up and you need to, unfortunately, discontinue service with Cricket, you won't have to pay an exorbitant early termination fee. You get true freedom when you choose their service.

3. Free ringtones.

Do you like to personalize your phone? With most phones, you can choose different songs for your text notifications, your alarms, your general call notifications, and often you can even connect a certain song to a certain person. If a friend calls, you'll hear a song that reminds you of them. The problem with this is that ringtones cost money, and buying a lot of them will add up. Not with Cricket. If you have an Android, you can get absolutely free ringtones, songs, and ringback tones from their extensive library. That's something that none of the big carriers offer, so if you like ringtone shopping, that's just one more reason to choose Cricket over its competitors.

4. A wide variety of phones.

No matter whether you want an Android, an iPhone, or just a basic phone, Cricket has a plan that works for it. Some people may worry that smaller carriers will be limited in the phones they can provide, but that is certainly not the case here. You'll be able to find a phone that suits your exact needs, no matter whether you need a phone for work, school, or pleasure.

5. Good connection and coverage.

Cricket uses a 3G network to deliver quality cell phone service to the most people they can. Even if you don't use your phone for calling much, it's worth it. A 3G data connection lets you browse the Web at high speeds on your phone. You can even stream videos and music effortlessly on the network - and since you have unlimited data, you don't need to worry about going over your limit when you watch a lot of movies in a row.

Cricket provides big business service quality with small business customer service and attention paid to your account. Their reliability and care for their customers means you really can trust them to be your primary cell provider.

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