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Free Ringtones for T-Mobile Phones

free tmobile ringtones Where can you download Free Ringtones for TMobile? T-Mobile is one of the fastest growing wireless service provider in the United States. It offers more anytime minutes than any of its competitors. TMobile has some of the coolest phones in the market today such as myTouch. Customizing your TMobile phones has been made so easy. Wallpaper, music, and ringtones are accessable with just a few clicks. Get the latest free T-Mobile Ringtones now. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED!

Popular Free TMobile Ringtones

If you have a T-Mobile phone, then you can get free ringtones to enhance your mobile experience. Most of these ringtones are based on popular songs, but there are others that are made from generic sounds that you might like. There are two different ways to get more ringtones. You can either get them through the T-Mobile website, or you can download them from your phone.

Through the Website
You can download new ringtones through the T-Mobile website for free. Go to their website and sign in. if you don’t have an account, then click the “Register” button and create an account. Click the “Shop” tab and then select, “Ringtones.”

You can either browse through the entire list or enter the name of your favorite song, band or album. You can also look for ringtones by category. If you don’t recognize a ringtone, or if you just want to hear it, then click the speaker symbol and the associated audio file will play. If you like the ringtone, then click on it and you will be sent to the download page.

Some of the ringtones aren’t free. Be sure to check for a price before downloading any of them if you just want to find free ringtones. Those that you do have to pay for are typically a few dollars or less. Click the “Download” or “Buy” button to download the file.

Connect the phone to your computer with a USB cable and then drag the ringtone file into your phone’s folder. You can now use the new ringtone.

Through the Phone
Click the “T-Zones” button on your phone. This is usually found on the initial screen or with the rest of your apps. Click the “Downloads” tab and then select “Music and Sounds.” You can either search through all of the ringtones or type in a specific song or keyword to narrow the search results.

Click or tap the ringtone that you want to download. If the ringtone costs money, then the page will display the price. Many of the ringtones are free or inexpensive. Click the “Accept” button to download the ringtone. Your phone might give you the opportunity to automatically install and set the new file as your primary ringtone. If not, then you can easily set the ringtone by going through a few menus.

Go to the phone’s main menu and select the “Fun and Apps” section. Choose “Files” and then “Sounds” to see all of your downloaded ringtones. Click on the ringtone that you just downloaded and set it as your new ringtone. You can also set this ringtone for certain people if they are in your contacts list.

If the ringtone is not playing when somebody calls you, then go back to the menu and ensure that you set it properly. If that doesn’t work, then call a T-Mobile representative to see if there are any technical problems.

T-Mobile has many free ringtones that you can download both through their website and your own phone. The prices and selection do not change regardless of how you do this. Using your phone is slightly more convenient because you don’t have to transfer the file to your phone, but your computer gives you a larger screen to work with.

  • Lil Wayne - Right Above It (Feat. Drake)
  • Enrique Iglesias - I Like It (Feat. Pitbull)
  • Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
  • Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World)
  • The Band Perry - If I Die Young
  • Far East Movement - Rocketeer
  • FLO Rida - Club Can`t Handle Me (Feat. David Guetta)
  • hris Brown - Yeah 3x
  • Pitbull - Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) (Feat. T-Pain)
  • Plain White T`s - Rhythm Of Love
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