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Best Deal on Kyocera DuraCore Phone for Sprint

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Kyocera DuraCore

Created for Sprint, the Kyocera DuraCore is made to help business owners and individuals get an edge on their professional life. It offers an affordable price and allows the user to connect to their friends while on the go. This basic phone connects to Sprint 3G and uses Sprint Direct Connect. Built to the most strenuous of military standards, the DuraCore is made to resist heat, cold, dust, vibration and other forms of wear.

The Kyocera DuraCore is encased within hard rubber for an easier grip and better functionality. Unlike other phones in Sprintís lineup, the DuraCore was designed to keep it simple. Its intended user is someone who wants a rugged phone without a high cost. This phone is flip-up and certified military standard 810G. Although it is rather chunky, the size works well for someone who is hauling it around a construction site. Weighing 4.4 ounces, the phone is outfitted with a silver plate for the speaker grille near a monochrome outer display. The display offers 96x64 pixel resolution and shows the missed messages. Users can also track the battery level, signal, missed messages and time on the display. All of the external features are designed with flaps or rubber to make them more durable. On the right side, users will find a 2.5mm headset jack and

During phone calls, the Kyocera DuraCore has an excellent volume level and decent voice quality. It can sometimes produce a faint droning noise or reproduce sounds unevenly. The receiving party tends to hear everything extremely well and at a good volume. DuraCore also provides users with a rated battery life that extends to 8.1 hours of talking time.

The reason to use this phone is because of its exceptional durability. Excluding water, it will resist any element or issue. The Direct Connect network is extremely reliable and is a great selection for companiesí that want to find a phone for their employees. Hiking lovers or outdoor enthusiasts will also enjoy using this phone due to its strength and durability.

Altogether, the DuraCore is 4 inches tall, 0.1 inches thick and 2.1 inches wide. When users purchase the phone, it arrives with an AC adapter as well as a travel charger. Users will also find a card adapter, reference material and a preinstalled 1GB Micro SD card within the box. For people who want to simplify their lives, this flip phone is the easiest way to stay in touch without a lot of hassles.

  • Simple flip phone design and Sprint Direct Connect
  • Affordably priced two-year contracts
  • Rugged and exceptionally durable
  • Offers turn-by-turn voice directions
  • Designed with Speakerphone and Bluetooth
  • Built-in GPS, detailed maps as well as TeleNav
  • 3.2MP Camera and camcorder
  • Meets military standards for temperature and environmental extremes
  • Offers communications with up to 35 subscribers
  • Alerts user about calls via text message
  • Easy push-to-talk feature
  • Group Connect lets users talk to up to 20 people across the nation

Your Price: $0.01  
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Kyocera DuraCore for Sprint
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