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Best Deal on Palm Pre 2 Phone for Verizon Wireless

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Palm Pre 2
The much-anticipated Palm Pre 2 for Verizon Wireless has been reengineered to do more of what you want to do but faster! The new Palm Pre 2 has a brilliant multi-touch screen display, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, realistic web surfing, effective multitasking and ease of use with natural gestures. Of course, the Palm Pre 2 also has the smartphone features customers expect: 5 megapixel camera, GPS, versatile Bluetooth capabilities, WiFi, productivity and entertainment apps, multimedia player and lots of storage. The revolutionary Palm Pre 2 also has the unexpected, such as the capability to create an instant mobile HotSpot for up to 5 WiFi-enabled devices and twice the speed of the Palm Pre Plus with a speedy 1GHz processor! With the new Palm Pre 2 and HP webOS 2.0, accomplishing more is effortless and fast.

  • Slide-out QWERTY Keyboard With Touch Screen Features Easy-to-use, Responsive Palm OS
  • Twice The Speed - Pre 2 Is The Fastest Palm Smartphone Yet With A Speedy 1GHz Processor
  • Support Up To 5 WiFi-enabled Devices (3G Mobile Hotspot Service Included Free)
  • Customize The Palm Pre 2 With Your Favorite Apps
  • Unobtrusive Notifications Eliminates Interruptions and Helps You Stay On Track
  • Universal Search Determines As You Type The Query What You Are Looking For and Where To Look
  • Switch Between Multiple Open Apps and Notifications Using Natural Gestures
  • 16GB Flash Memory To Store All Your Contacts, Photos and Music
  • Multi-task and Manage Many Open Apps At Once With Revolutionary Activity Cards
  • Advanced Web Browser - Adobe Flash 10.1 and HTML5 Enhancements
  • Control Your Home's FrontPoint Security System From This Phone
What's In The Box
  • Additional Items Included - Battery, AC Phone Charger, Micro-USB Cable, Stereo Headset, Pouch, Get Started Guide, Gesture Guide
Messaging Features
  • Email Client - Microsoft Outlook and Popular Web-based Email Such As Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, and Hotmail (POP3/ IMAP)
  • Instant Messenger - Yes, IM Chat Using Your Favorite Instant Messenger Services (Google Talk and AOL)
  • Multimedia Messaging - Yes, Send and Receive Picture and Video Messages In Threaded, Chat-style View
  • Text Messaging (SMS) - Yes, Send and Receive Text Messages In Threaded, Chat-style View
  • HTML Web Browsing - Yes, Premium HTML Web Browser With Adobe Flash 10.1
  • Twitter - Yes, Via Text Messaging Or Downloadable App
  • Custom Ringtones - Yes
  • Customizable Graphics - Yes
  • Ringer Profiles - Yes
  • Picture Caller ID - Yes
  • Games - Yes, Downloadable
  • MP3 Ringtones - Yes
  • Polyphonic Ringtones - Yes
  • MP3 Player - Yes, Listen To MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, QCELP and WAV Files, Download From Your PC
  • Facebook - Yes, Downloadable App
  • Photo Apps - Yes
  • App Store - Yes, Supports Palm's App Catalog
Digital Camera
  • Camera - Yes, 5MP Camera With LED Flash, Geo-tagging, and Video Capture
  • Camera Megapixels - 5MP
  • Geo-Tagging - Yes, 5MP Digital Camera Uses Integrated GPS To Tag The Location Of Your Photos
  • High-End Camera - Yes
Advanced Features
  • Upgradeable - Yes, Palm Over-the-air Updates
  • Attachment Viewing (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) - Yes, View Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF Documents
  • PC Synchronization - Yes, Over-the-air, USB Cable, Or Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Stereo Headset (A2DP) - Yes, Stereo Bluetooth Compatible For Quality Music Experience and Hands-free Conversations
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology - Yes, Bluetooth Enabled To Communicate Wirelessly With Other Bluetooth Devices
  • GPS Services Support - Yes, Built-in GPS Is VZ Navigator Capable For Turn-by-turn Directions and Mapping
  • QWERTY Keyboard - Yes, Spacious QWERTY Keyboard For Fast, Accurate Typing
  • Use This Phone As A Modem - Yes, Tether To One PC Or Create A Mobile HotSpot For Up To 5 Devices (3G Mobile Hotspot Required)
  • Skype Mobile - Yes, Access Skype To Skype Calls, Messaging, and Group Chats With HP webOS 2.0
Core Features
  • Alarm - Yes
  • Color Main Display - 3.1", 320 x 480 Pixels, 24-bit Colors, HVGA Touch Screen
  • Languages Supported - English and Spanish
  • Speakerphone - Yes
  • Vibrate - Yes
  • To-Do List - Yes
  • Calculator - Yes
  • Calendar - Yes, Calendars Can Be Viewed Individually Or Layered To See All (Work, Personal, Friends, Etc.)
  • Color - Black
  • Style - Touch Screen With Slide-out QWERTY Keyboard
  • PDA Device - Yes
  • Standby Time - Up To 14.5 Days
  • Talk Time - Up To 5.5 Hours
  • Battery Type - Li-Ion
Technical Specifications
  • 3G Data Speeds - Yes, Where Available
  • Weight - 5.1 Ounces
  • Built-In Memory - Yes, 16GB
  • Dimensions - 4.0" x 2.3" x 0.7"
  • Data Download Speed - 3G/ EVDO Rev. A
  • Network Compatibility - CDMA 800, 1900
  • TTY Compatible - Yes
  • Standard 3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack - Yes
  • WiFi - Yes, WiFi Enabled To Connect To Wireless Networks and To Create 3G Mobile HotSpots
  • Phonebook Capacity - Dependant On Available Memory
  • Multiple Numbers Per Name - Yes
  • Predictive Text Entry - Yes
  • Compatible Carrier - Verizon Wireless
  • Platform / Operating System - HP webOS 2.0
  • Touch Screen - Yes, Touch Screen With Accelerometer and Proximity Sensor, Navigate With Simple Finger Gestures
  • Micro-USB Port - Yes, Micro-USB Port For Use With USB 2.0 High Speed
  • Processor Type - TI OMAP 3630
  • Processor Speed - 1GHz
  • RAM - 512MB RAM
  • Hearing Aid Compatible - Yes, M4
  • Mobile Hotspot - Yes, Tether To One PC Or Create A Mobile HotSpot For Up To 5 Devices (3G Mobile Hotspot Required)
Compatible Rate Plans
  • Device Supports Voice Plans - Yes
  • Device Supports Verizon PDA Plans - Yes
  • Available For Purchase Without Service Plan - Yes
  • Device Supports Add-on Line Upgrade Plans - Yes
  • Device Supports Add-on Line Plans - Yes
  • Early Termination Fee - Up To $350.00
Compatible Features
  • Verizon Wireless TXT+PIX+FLIX Plan Options - Yes
  • Verizon Wireless PDA Plan Options - Yes
  • Verizon Wireless Voice Plan Options - Yes
  • Verizon Wireless 3G Mobile Hotspot 2GB Option - Yes

Your Price: $49.99  
Select Verizon Wireless plans for Palm Pre 2 free shippingFREE SHIPPING

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Palm Pre 2 for Sale
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