Cash Back Credit Card – Is It for Everyone?

cash back credit cardsWe all love to get stuff for free, which may help explain why cash back credit cards are so quickly rising in popularity. The thought of getting a little bit of money back every time you swipe your card is enough to make some folks positively giddy. The question that has to be asked, though, is whether or not these types of credit cards are actually right for you. The answer lies in what you will be using the card for, and whether you will be using it often enough to make the benefits worthwhile.

If you are looking to get a credit card to help build your credit and with an eye to paying it off or keeping a low monthly balance, then this might be a good way to go. If, on the other hand, you are simply looking to rack up cards to reap the benefits, you would be well advised to think twice. What generally ends up happening is that you make purchases to get the rewards, as opposed to making purchases that you need to. You can slip deeper and deeper into debt and have your credit rating negatively affected at the same time. Neither scenario is good. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Promo Code

samsung galaxy s5 sport promo codeThe Samsung brand is growing by leaps and bounds, and they have just released another great phone for those that want to get their hands on the latest technologies. This time around they are pushing out an exclusive solution for Sprint users. It’s the Galaxy S5 Sport and it’s quite interesting when you start to break down the options. It starts with a nice design, different colors, and fitness options that are built into the framework. You’ll find the preloaded software is meant to help those that are looking to get a leg up on their fitness, and that’s not all, you will also get subscribed to several services to help you get into the fitness world. The fitness angle is definitely one of great interest as people of all backgrounds are looking to integrate their health and wellness with their phone. Use Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport promo code to buy this phone today with $0 down. That’s even better than the deals you will find on Amazon Black Friday.

The build is the first thing that you’re going to notice is slightly different. You will get a solid build overall, and the price is quite alright comparatively. You will see that the screen size is nice at 5.1 inches, and the display gives you a true HD feel with 1080p coming through. The processing power is a 2.5GHz quad-core processor that is definitely snappy and smooth. Of course this rounds on the Android platform, and is booted with the OS from Samsung’s line up. It’s a solidly built phone that has a nice rubberized edge that is going to feel good in your hands, and will definitely give you all the opportunities to run through a variety of different apps like the S5’s already do. Read more »

Why Businesses Should Encourage Customers to Use Coupons

couponsCoupons are a great way to draw customers in and give your business a boost, especially in times that you are seeing low numbers. Coupons not only increase page views and purchases, they are also a great way to promote customer loyalty. Consumers love to feel that a business cares about them, and sending out coupon codes is one way that companies can show consumers that they value their patronage. When customers use coupons, however, they do not just benefit the customers—they also benefit your business. It’s time to lose the stigma that coupons cost your company money and start realizing that coupons are useful marketing tools to build your business. Here’s why business should encourage customers to use their coupons:

1. Coupons encourage customers to return to items abandoned in their cart. If a customer puts items in their cart and then leaves the webpage, and does not return to make the purchase, an automatic email, with a coupon code, either for free shipping or other ongoing promotion, is a great way to draw the customer back in to actually make a purchase. People what already have a Sprint coupon code in hand is most likely to buy a new phone right away. Read more »

Verizon Wireless Coupon Codes Save Over $601

  • $100 bill credit when you sign up a new contract
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  • HTC ONE starts at just $0.01 – $200 online discount
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verizon promotionCustomers who are interested in a Verizon Wireless smartphone plan are offered many options. Compared to other providers, the cost is a bit steeper, but the smartphones from Verizon all come with better connectivity and service plans. Currently, users who are looking for a smartphone or Phablet from Verizon can get a contract for $80 a month. This contract includes unlimited texting and calling as well as 1 GB of data. Verizon Wireless and Samsung have worked together to come out with the Samsung Illusion for just $169.99.

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Sprint Promo Codes Offer Over $555 Saving

Sprint couponsAs one of the largest cell phone companies in the US, Sprint has developed a reputation over the years as being one of the best, most flexible companies when it comes to phones and network plans. For its customers, Sprint provides some of the best services when it comes to their mobile devices at rates that are reasonable, flexible and affordable, especially after applying a Sprint coupon code.

There are certainly a number of reasons to choose Sprint as your carrier. For many, Sprint is really the only choice as it best fits their needs when it comes to their phone and network service. However, as good as these services are, the reputation of the company overall may be the greatest asset that Sprint offers its customers.

The Advantages of Sprint coupons when you buy a new phone
As one of the four largest US cell phone companies, Sprint brings with it the resources and manpower to offer many different advantages for its customers. In addition, Sprint has gone out of their way to provide advantages, discounts and lower rates in order to bring in even more people to their fold. Read more »

AT&T Promo Codes Offer Over $665 in Total Savings

at&t couponsSize: Located firmly in the top two when it comes to being the biggest cell phone provider in the US, AT&T offers many advantages in terms of providing coverage and reasonable price for its customers. You can use at&t promo codes to save on many of popuar phones today. The 4G LTE coverage runs across the country and provides many people in rural locations the ability to access this network. In fact, the LTE service is offered in many different markets and provides fast, efficient service that will meet the needs of the latest smartphone and mobile device users. The 15Mbps data rates allow for smooth streaming of HD programming and provides for good video chat services as well.

For the most part, the data signal is strong and reliable although as with any carrier you may experience the dropped call here or there depending on if you are located outside the coverage area. Still, considering how extensive this network is, AT&T provides one of the largest, most extensive coverage areas with great reception for millions of people.

Apply at&t coupons on wide selection. As expected, AT&T offers service when it comes to the cell phone, smartphone or tablet of your choice. You can use a wide number of models with AT&T service and get excellent connecting ability within the coverage areas. A few of the many different manufacturers’ devices include the following;

  • Apple iPhone
  • Nokia Lumina
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 & many more

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84% Off with HostGator Promo Codes

Hostgator_CouponsHostGator is consistently ranked among the top ten web hosting platforms, and for good reason. It provides a number of features to its clients, including unlimited bandwidth—which is something that few other hosting platforms offer. The flexibility of this service is one of the reasons that so many people flock to it, as well as the ease of use, the ability to build the site right on the hosting platform, and extremely reliable uptime. All of these features plus promotional codes make HostGator a great choice for hosting your website.

Pick a Plan and Save with HostGator Coupons

Like most hosting platforms, HostGator offers a range of plans to suit just about every user. The lowest level, which is currently on sale for $3.96 after applying a promo code, is called the “Hatchling” plan. For under $4 a month, it provides the user with a single domain, which can be as large as he needs it to be, with access to unlimited disk space and bandwidth. A shared SSL certificate is also included in the price. Keep in mind that this price reflects a three-year agreement with HostGator, and that to truly host at a monthly rate, the price will be more like $8 per month. It’s cheaper than Bluehost after applying a coupon code. Read more »