4 Definitive Reasons Why People Are Falling In Love With Phablets

phabletsRight now there is a revolution happening. You’ll find that more and more consumers are looking to purchase smartphones that are larger, so large that they are hybrids of technology. Manufacturers are highlighting the power of phones with tablets and making something altogether unique. If you have seen the announcements that have come through some of the larger companies, you will realize that this is nothing new, and it’s going to continue into the future. Say goodbye to little phones, and small screens, as there is something new on the horizon, and every major carrier is taking note. You may want to look into some reasons why people are falling in love with these devices.

Top Tier Performance (Processing and More)

The first major reason is simple, they are beefing up the processing speeds, power, and memory. In some cases you will find that these items can run as powerful as a laptop computer, and can even be coupled with 3 GB of internal RAM. That’s right, this is going to shock some, but you will be able to replace a laptop on the go, and still have the processing power and memory options that you would expect. Checking out the expandable memory of up to 64 GB is also going to stun some, as the performance continues to ramp up. Oh, and if you’re wondering about processing power, consider 2.3 GHz quad-core processing, as a starting point. These smartphones are so powerful that they are excellent for business use.

Higher Resolution Displays (Size)

The number one component that you are going to see up front, without handling one of these devices is the screen sizes. You will find that the sizes of these are 5 inches and bigger. You will no longer have to squint, zoom in or do anything to get moving forward with your favorite applications, texts, email and more. In fact, you are going to find yourself seeing more and being able to take on the latest entertainment with relative ease. Resolutions are going beyond HD soon, but at the present, they are in full radiant high definition, and are absolutely crisp when you want to see videos, play video games, or do just about anything. Want to load a graphics processor or photo editor like those on the desktop? Done. Just compare LG G2 and HTC One Max, you will love either one of them. The processor combined with the high resolution screens allow you to enjoy all the power and precision of high end laptops in the palm of your hand.

Maxed Out Cameras

The next big component is in regards to the camera. The cameras today are jumping into the best possible pixel ratio possible, with some even going into enhancements that will rival digital SLR’s and professional grade cameras. LG G3 boasts a 13 mp camera. You may find that some are working with sensors, and zooms that are going to allow you to see things far off into the distance with perfect clarity. Some are even working with what is known as “UltraPixel” technology which allows for a lot more ambience to float through without having to utilize a flash. HTC One M8 features a superior camera with BSI sensor. Dark photos are no longer going to be an issue with the megapixel maximizations that are being pushed forward. Not just for photos, think HD 1080p videos as a standard.

Emulating The Computer
The one problem that many consumers had in the past with phones was that they couldn’t multitask and use multiple windows at once. That’s no longer the case, as you’ll find that most phablets will have dual modes, dual windows and even multiwindows. That means one screen, two different apps running at the same exact time. You could watch a movie while chatting someone, or perhaps focus on working with your office in real time, while video conferencing.

The above reasons are just some of the definitive points that you’ll find is driving the marketing collateral of phablets, a hybrid between a tablet and a phone. You’ll see a lot more of them sooner than later.

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