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Nexus 4 Review

Google has long been trying to compete directly with Apple by manufacturing its own smartphone and bundling it with a “pure” version of its Android mobile operating system. This was done in large part to combat perceptions that Android had become fragmented and was infrequently updated, and Google’s devices have helped to reduce how frequently […]

What is the Best T-Mobile 4G Phone

There have been quite a few new 4G phones coming out from T-Mobile recently. The latest is Samsung Galaxy S 4G that’s based the successful launch of the original Galaxy series. It’s the best T-Mobile 4G phone in the market today. Unlike other Android phones that offer screen size of 4.3 inch, which make the […]

What is the Best TMobile Prepaid Phone?

Can’t get approved for a new TMobile phone? You can still try one of those prepaid Go Phone from T-Mobile. Although the phone selection is limited, it’s probably a better deal consider you are leaving yourself out of the usual 2-year contract. So what is the best TMobile Prepaid phone available today? Samsung T249 Prepaid […]

Nokia Nuron User Reviews

With so many 5 star ratings, no wonder Nokia Nuron is among everyone’s favorite full-featured touchscreen phone. User reviews are mostly positive. The only complaint is the battery life for some people who talk and text all day. User from Chicago, Illinois – I use it as a home phone and it is a great […]

LG GS170 User Reviews

You might not like a flip phone. But why pay more for features that you will never use other than talking. LG GS170 if one of those simple phones that you need. And the average reviews are just average. User from Amberg, WI – I like this product it is not that difficult to use […]


There aren’t too many Android phones with a non-slide-out keyboard. Sure the keyboard takes up some space and the screen might not be as big as others. Motorola CHARM is still a decent phone. User from Bronx, NY – I got it for my wife as Christmas gift. She loves it since she does texting […]

LG DLite User Reviews

What users love about the LG DLite are the cool design and light weight. Very easy to use. Read more reviews below: User from Buhl, Idaho – I have been using the phone for personal calls, only. But, I am unable to find any information on deleting calls when necessary. I have read the Starter […]