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Galaxy S5 vs. IPhone6 Which Phone Lives Up To Its Hype

We are going to look at both of these phones objectively and see which one comes out on top. Design The Galaxy S5 is heavier and thicker than the iPhone6 but now that the problems with the iPhone being as thin as it is have arisen,perhaps its not such a bad thing. The iPhone is […]

Easy Decision: 5 Reasons Why I Switched from iPhone to Android

Asking “which is do you think is better, the Android or the iPhone” is like asking “which do you think came first, the chicken or the egg”. Because no matter who you ask the answers will differ depending on the person. In this article we’re going to lay down some hard facts that, if you’re […]

Best Buy Will Have Special iPad 2 Promotion

Are you still waiting for the new iPad 2? There has been 3 to 4 week average wait time if you order online unless you can wait in person at Apple retail store at 5 in the morning. And here comes your chance to get a brand new iPad 2 at Best Buy this coming […]