BlueHost Promo Codes up to 46% Off with Coupons

BlueHost couponWhile some people might consider this hosting service to be a little generic, most people find that BlueHost has all of the features that they need in order to build and maintain functional, beautiful webpages, whether they are building the websites themselves or contracting out to a designer. With unlimited bandwidth and reasonable prices, plus huge savings with coupons, BlueHost provides a number of different options for those who want to have anything from a small blog to domain with multiple subdomains and private SSL certificates. No matter what your requirements are, you can find a plan that works for you. Don’t forget to use this month’s BlueHost promo codes on top of the everyday low prices.


Unlike many other hosting platforms that only provide shared hosting options, BlueHost ventures into the virtual private servers and the dedicated hosting realms. Small business owners will find these options extremely attractive, giving them far more options to choose from, when it comes to picking how to host their website.

Shared plan promotions start at just $4.95/month. While this may seem relatively expensive, compared to other hosting companies, BlueHost provides a number of features, including unlimited domains, storage, websites, email accounts, and even a free domain name, which will cost at least a dollar or two from domain sellers. There is also free support and backups of all of the websites under your domain. Read more »

Yes It’s Complicated But You Should Still Do the Math Before Upgrading Your Mobile Phone

phone upgradeThanks to the all-out competition between rival cell phone companies, the service that most people now receive is faster, cheaper and with better coverage because of the competition. Because of that, there are a plethora of incentives out there for customers to buy into the new services being offered. And when you are ready to upgrade you can always sell the old one for a reasonable price. Furthermore, many of the new ads from the providers promise “no contract” services as an added incentive.

One of the major complaints from many customers is that they have to sign two-year contracts in order to get the low price and service they want for their new phone. So, it’s not surprising that many companies are pushing the “no contract” slogan. However, is “no contract” really all that much different than the standard contracted two-year service? Read more »

6 Must Have Apps that Will Save You Money Everyday

Smartphones are not just everywhere, they can do a great deal of things that were frankly beyond their reach just a few years ago. However, they also cost a pretty penny as well which means that finding ways to save money can be “smart”.

Fortunately, there are a number of apps available that will allow you to save money. What follows are just a few of them which can save you money in numerous ways.

The biggest online shopping retailer in the world, Amazon manages to undercut the prices of a lot of items sold in brick and mortar stores. Having this app means that when you find something you like, you can check the price against Amazon and include the shipping to see if you save money. Perfect for items that you want, but do not need immediately the Amazon app can save you hundreds of dollars a year depending on how much you shop.

Retail Me Not
A database filled with thousands of coupons, you can use this app when shopping at your favorite retail store and find savings on so many items. Plus, once you find the coupon online, just show it to the cashier to reap the savings. With so many coupons available, this is frankly one of the best ways to save money day after day. Read more »

6 tricks for Taking Perfect Pictures with HTC One M8

htc one m8 cameraSmartphones are a part of our life. The HTC One M8 has the capability to take fantastic pictures.

The premise behind the HTC One M8’s outstanding photo capability starts with the Ultrapixel. The Ultrapixel uses a larger pixel to allow more light to be captured giving you more concise and allows for more contrast in the photo than your standard 8 or 10 megapixel camera functions.
There is a sightseeing mode where you can start taking photos up to 20 seconds before you turn the camera on. This is an excellent mode for when you are taking a lot of pictures and want to document them well. This mode will allow for jumping directlky to the camera without having to access the phone’s unlock screen. Read more »

11 Things Not but Buying During Holiday Season

holiday seasonThe season is here to save some serious money when you’re going to move forward in the holiday rush. You’re going to find that retailers want you to shop, and they will pull out all the stops to get you to spend, including offering insane deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, just to name a few things. That temptation shouldn’t allow you to run through all options, because there are some items that you shouldn’t buy at all, and here are 11.

Televisions (HD)
If you want a new television, do not buy during the holidays. Save this for when the big sporting events occur, especially in terms of football. You’ll find that right around championship games, the televisions that are sold will dip to an extremely low price, more so than that of the holidays, guaranteed. Read more »

3 Easy Ways to Prepare for a Financially Joyful Holiday Season

holiday tipsThere is no doubt that the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but they are often the most expensive as well. It can be difficult to keep track of your money when there are presents to purchase, trips to take and other expenses that can really creep up on you.
However, by taking three little steps you can be prepared for the holiday season which generally runs from Halloween to New Year’s Day. While this will require a little preparation, the rewards of having the money you need to take care of everyone’s wishes will be more than worth the effort.

Create a Holiday Budget
The sooner you can fashion a budget for the holiday season, the better. While it does not have to be exact, you will want to have a ballpark figure so that you can line up the money necessary to buy all the presents, party items and other expenses that you expect to incur. Use the amount you spent during the last holiday season as a guide and either add a little to keep track with inflation or subtract a little if you don’t plan to do as many things this year as the last. You’ll want to complete your budget early in the years so you can plan on having the money ready by the time that Halloween rolls around. A holiday budget is or more of a guideline that you can use to gauge just how much you are comfortable spending during this time of the year. Read more »

3 Easy Steps to Get a Government Phone for Free

free government phoneTo date, nearly 15 million people have received a free cell phone thanks to the US government. In a program formally run by Lifeline Assistance, the endeavor is considered by many to be one of the most successful if not the most prolific ever and has allowed people to find work as well as stay in touch with family and friends.

To date, 49 states and the District of Columbia as well as Puerto Rico are participating in the program along with many phone companies that people can choose from as their providers. However, despite the ease in which many people have qualified, you still have to take three steps in order to get your free government phone.

Research Providers and Eligibility
The very first thing you will need to do is find the providers in your state that offers the free government phone. Each state has its eligibility requirements that have to be met before you can get a phone, so knowing this in advance is very important. Once you know that you qualify, you can then check the phone providers to ensure that you choose one that will meet your needs in terms of service. Read more »