Pick any Smartphone for just $0.01 on Cyber Monday

Pick a smartphone to buy on Cyber MondayHow would you spend you spend a penny? Piece of gum, a lollipop, newspaper…you can’t buy any of these with a penny. In fact you probably won’t find any penny in your piggy bank. There was nothing you can buy with $0.01 unless you are heading to our biggest Cyber Monday sale.

Here are just a new few phones you can get for $0.01 – Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One M8, LG G3. Let’s review them one by and see which one offers the best bank for the money. Or if you like buy all them for less than a dollar.

LG’s latest flagship smartphone, the G3, has a great looking metallic skin, a super screen, higher resolution and easier to use. One of the phone’s hottest features is its 2,560 x 1,440 Quad HD screen, but there’s a lot of new, powerful perks going on underneath its hot looking metallic skin. Additional changes made that are worthy of mentioning as well include the microSD slot, removable battery, new mature interface and metallic frame, all improvements over last year’s model. Verizon Wireless Cyber Monday sale offers this for just $0.01 right here. This smartphone has the best screen resolution in the market today. You simply can’t go wrong with it even when you compare it with iPhone 6 Plus.

One of the more interesting trends in smartphones is how they have been growing larger over the years. In fact, there is a new name for this phenomenon called “phablet”, a cross between a smartphone and a tablet that endeavors to do both in one device.
If you are interested in either giving or receiving a phablet for the holiday season, then you cannot go wrong with one of these phablets. Each one offers plenty of features and is rank at or near the best in terms of overall performance.

The new iPhone 6 Plus certainly turned heads with Apple’s first entry into the phablet field. The 5.5” screen is very sharp and makes working on the phablet a real joy. Add to this the fact that the iPhone 6 Plus has all the features of the iPhone 6, just in a larger package. There are several nifty features such as the Mail and Message one that makes sending texts quick and easy. Plus, there is a dual-pane mode that lets you have greater access to the phone’s other features as well. You’ll never get lost with the navigation panel staying in place in all modes, but the longevity of the battery will probably be the most outstanding feature as it lets you perform many tasks over several hours without recharging.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 builds upon the success of the Note 3 while keeping its unique stylus that pleases so many of its users. It’s on sale for $199 on Cyber Monday while the older Note 3 costs only $0.01. They can be ordered from Sprint here. The Note 4’s ample 5.7” screen is very sharp and is pressure-sensitive as well so that you can sign your name quickly and accurately. However, most people who enjoy using the Note 4 will enjoy the multi-window feature that allows for great multitasking as you run two apps at the same time. The long lasting battery means that you can enjoy doing multiple tasks for several hours and you can even remove the battery as well which is a very nice feature if you have a spare handy. The expanded memory means that you can hold even more information if you want and the Samsung quality ensures that you’ll get many hours use from the phablet.

Whatever your choices are – you will be saving more money than any other day of the year. Pick the best smartphone for yourself or someone you care about this holiday season!

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