Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Promo Code

samsung galaxy s5 sport promo codeThe Samsung brand is growing by leaps and bounds, and they have just released another great phone for those that want to get their hands on the latest technologies. This time around they are pushing out an exclusive solution for Sprint users. It’s the Galaxy S5 Sport and it’s quite interesting when you start to break down the options. It starts with a nice design, different colors, and fitness options that are built into the framework. You’ll find the preloaded software is meant to help those that are looking to get a leg up on their fitness, and that’s not all, you will also get subscribed to several services to help you get into the fitness world. The fitness angle is definitely one of great interest as people of all backgrounds are looking to integrate their health and wellness with their phone. Use Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport promo code to buy this phone today with $0 down. That’s even better than the deals you will find on Amazon Black Friday.

The build is the first thing that you’re going to notice is slightly different. You will get a solid build overall, and the price is quite alright comparatively. You will see that the screen size is nice at 5.1 inches, and the display gives you a true HD feel with 1080p coming through. The processing power is a 2.5GHz quad-core processor that is definitely snappy and smooth. Of course this rounds on the Android platform, and is booted with the OS from Samsung’s line up. It’s a solidly built phone that has a nice rubberized edge that is going to feel good in your hands, and will definitely give you all the opportunities to run through a variety of different apps like the S5’s already do.

Buying a separate digital camera is no longer an economical in the smartphone age. Besides you’ve got the coupon code to use that will not cost you a penny. The Galaxy S5 Sport camera here is a fascinating option as it is a 16MP camera. It is a strong contender for the best camera on the market, and the 1080p display gives you a good deal of leverage when taking videos. Recording solid video in this framework is definitely a stunning element to consider. The processing power and the lens here is definitely worth noting as it will smooth and stabilize your videos, and will even take shots at night with a powerful flash component. For those that want more specs, consider the HD resolution is set at 3,840 x 2,160 which is spectacular if you really think about it.

This latest iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is definitely worth upgrading to if you want a powerful device that has a good battery. It is a strong contender for one of the best in the industry, and could last all day. When testing through the various options overall, many users found the resources don’t suck up the battery due to the fact that the operating system and processor are snappy. The efficient package and the attention to the minor details helps this definitely gain a leg up on competition. Furthermore, since this release is made for more “sporty” individuals, the drain on the battery is not a problem due to the applications that are preloaded and rendered to help maintain the use longer through rigorous movements.

The Bottom Line saving with Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport promo code –
You might consider buying another phone instead if you see the retail price of over $600. But the at&t coupon is going to bring down price to $0 when you sign up a service plan with any wireless company. While some detractors aren’t going to like the fitness route, it should be noted that this is a “SPORT” solution, so it will come with that marketing lean. It also comes preloaded with apps that reflect that, it’s not a bad thing, but you should be fully aware of what you’re getting into if you go this route.

Highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Sport
Fast processor (quad-core)
Rubberized Feel (grip)
Colors (various colors)
Good battery
Good camera
Preloaded apps for fitness
4GLTE speed (Sprint)

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