Why Do I Pick LG G2 Over HTC One Max

HTC One MAXThe HTC One Max is large 5.9-inch smartphone with the signature HTC Touch features: the aluminum back cover, UltraPixel camera, and two large front-facing stereo speakers for the sound system. Comparing it against the LG G2, the LG’s flagship design is actually outfitted with a quite large 5. 2-inch screen, and is in a more compact physical structure than the HTC One Max. The LG G2 is constructed out of polycarbonate. The LG G2 features physical handles on the back while the HTC One Max, apart from its large size, is more of a classically designed mobile phone. The LG G2 also provides a 13-megapixel optical photo stabilized camera, whereas the HTC One Max only has a 4-megapixel camera. Both phones are available from Sprint at steep discount. You will find HTC One Max for sale at $99.99 with contract.


If mobile phones had sizes, the HTC One max would be an XXL. It’s bigger than the standard phablet (phone/tablet), and has some limitations. There’s the apparent advantage of a bigger display, but there are several significant handling troubles. Single-handed use is significantly obstructed due to the size. The LG G2 on its own isn’t small when compared to most devices in this range, but is dwarfed when put alongside the HTC One Max. Nevertheless, the variation in actual display size isn’t that significant; there’s a 5. 2” screen on the G2 along with a 5. 9” on the One Max, and as such, the stark size variation comes from the proven fact that the One Max has much larger bezel whereas the LG G2 has a trimmed bezel that minimizes “wasted space.” We have LG G2 for sale at $0.01 from AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint.

The two products also apply different keys for navigation. The HTC One Max features two capacitive keys (back side and home key) under the display, whereas the LG G2 includes Android on-screen navigational buttons. In terms of physical keys, HTC definitely realizes how large the One Max is, and it has moved all its bodily keys (the lock key and sound rocker) onto the right side of the device and within simple reach. The LG G2 in contrast has no real keys on its sides. LG has moved the key lock and sound keys on the backside of the device, which is a handy location after one gets used to it.


As mentioned, the HTC One Max really enhances display sizes bringing it to almost being tablet size nearing 5. 9″, and the LG G2 includes a small 5.2-inch monitor. For the LG G2, the use of on-screen keys makes the usable space smaller than it sounds. Both displays feature LCD technology, but with minor variations. The One Max features a Ultra LCD 3 panel whereas it is IPS LCD on the G2. Both come with the same full resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. The bigger display on the One Max means less pixel density, but in reality the variation is not significant enough to be differentiated, and both of the displays look extremely sharp.

The One Max’s display is remarkable not only for its size, but in addition for its mostly attractive colors (with slight yellow tint) and outstanding contrast. The actual LG G2 display in comparison puts out colder, blueish tones that seem unnatural. Many Verizon cell phones have similar size and specs today. Which one will you pick?


While each device has it’s pros and cons, the LG G2’s smaller size is not actually that bad considering the use of large buttons within the OS of the HTC One Max. Likewise, the significantly better camera makes the LG G2 more of a utility than the HTC One Max, but the lacking display power on the LG G2 makes this go to waste when compared to the great colors on the HTC One Max. If usability is the main issue, it’s best to pick up the LG G2. In addition, the price point on the LG G2 is a bit lower than the One Max. Overall, the LG G2 wins out simply due to lower cost, better camera, and easier ability to hold and use. Check out other smartphones too like Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One review.

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