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Best Deal on Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro Hotspot AC802 Phone for Sprint

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Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro Hotspot AC802
The Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile HotSpot AC802 for Sprint connects your laptop to the nation's first 4G WiMAX network, as well as Sprint's nationwide 3G mobile broadband network. The Overdrive Pro HotSpot creates an instant HotSpot, which can support up to 8 WiFi-enabled devices (Computers, gaming devices, digital photo frames, and more) in a 10 meter radius. The connection management software automatically installs and connects to the best available network for the selected mode. The 1.4" LCD display indicates battery and connection information. Plug the Overdrive Pro HotSpot into main power using the included wall charger, or unplug it for up to 6 Hours of continual usage on a single charge. The lightweight, compact Overdrive Pro HotSpot is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, but is a powerful, mobile solution for any internet access challenge by connecting multiple devices to Sprint's mobile broadband and 4G network.

  • Secure Access To The Nation's Only 4G Network For An Ultra-fast Connection
  • Create An Instant HotSpot To Support Up To 8 WiFi Enabled Devices Like Cameras And Laptops
  • Connection Management Software Is Pre-loaded On MiFi and Installs Easily To Your Computer
  • Up To 6 Hours Usage On Battery Power Or Use Wall Charger For Unlimited Usage
  • Compact Design Makes The MiFi Small Enough To Fit In A Shirt Pocket
  • Be Ready When 4G Arrives To Your Town! (4G Not Available In All Cities Today)
  • Wireless Speeds Up To 10 Times Faster Than Today's 3G From Other National Wireless Carriers
  • Simple and Intuitive - No Software Installation
What's In The Box
  • Software Included - Software Pre-loaded For Easy Connection Management
  • Additional Items Included - Battery, Wall Charger, microUSB Cable, Get Started Guide
Advanced Features
  • Upgradeable - Yes, Firmware Updates (USB Mode Only)
  • GPS Services Support - Yes
Core Features
  • Color - Black
  • Color Main Display - 1.4", 128 x 128 Pixel, Hidden-until-lit LCD Display To View Battery Life, Connectivity, and More
  • Style - Non-Standard
  • PDA Device - No
  • Standby Time - Up To 40 Hours
  • Battery Life - Up To 6 Hours Continual Usage (One Wi-Fi Client); Up To 40 Hours Standby
  • Talk Time - Up To 6 Hours Continual Usage (One Wi-Fi Client)
  • Battery Type - Li-Ion, 1830 mAh
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions - 2.7" x 2.7" x 0.7"
  • Weight - 3.37 Ounces
  • Connections - Supports Up To 8 WiFi-enabled Devices At A Time In A 150 Foot Range Outdoors; 115 Foot Range Indoors
  • Data Download Speed - EVDO Rev. A Peak Download Speed 3.1 Mbps; WiMAX Peak Download Speed 12 Mbps
  • WiFi - Yes, Supports The Latest WiFi Technology - Up To 8 WiFi-enabled Devices
  • Compatible Carrier - Sprint
  • Network Compatibility - CDMA 850, 1900 and WiMAX 2500
  • Micro-USB Port - Yes, Micro-USB Port To Connect To Wall Charger
  • Expandable Memory Capacity - Yes, microSD Card Slot For Shared Storage Up To 16GB For Up To 5 Connected Devices
  • 3G Data Speeds - Yes, 3G and 4G Capable Where Available
  • Mobile Hotspot - Yes
  • 4G - Yes, 4G Capable
  • 4G/3G - Yes, Where Available
Compatible Rate Plans
  • Device Supports Add-on Line Upgrade Plans - Yes
  • Device Supports Sprint 3G/4G Broadband Plans - Yes
  • Early Termination Fee - Up To $200.00
  • Available For Purchase Without Service Plan - Yes

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Select Sprint plans for Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro Hotspot AC802 free shippingFREE SHIPPING

Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro Hotspot AC802 for Sale
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