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VirginMobile offers the best service and the cheapest plans among all prepaid carriers. There is no credit check, no deposit. One of the reasons of owning a Virgin Mobile phone is the cheap plans. You can get unlimited, text, email, data, and web for just $35 a month. All taxes and fees are already included in the plan. So there won't any surprises when you see the monthly bill. You can pay with credit, debit, or PayPal for the monthly service. There are tons Android smartphones to choose from at incredibly low prices. You will find the best Virgin Mobile phone deals at

Virgin Mobile USB Modem MC760

Virgin Mobile USB Modem MC760 for Virgin Mobile
Your Price: $79.99

Virgin Mobile

Kyocera Loft S2300

Kyocera Loft S2300 for Virgin Mobile
Your Price: $49.88

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200

Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 for Virgin Mobile
Your Price: $149.99

Virgin Mobile

Samsung Restore

Samsung Restore for Virgin Mobile
Your Price: $74.88

Virgin Mobile

Samsung Intercept SPH-M910

Samsung Intercept SPH-M910 for Virgin Mobile
Your Price: $179.99

Virgin Mobile

LG Optimus V

LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile
Your Price: $199.99

Virgin Mobile

LG Rumor Touch

LG Rumor Touch for Virgin Mobile
Your Price: $99.99

Virgin Mobile

Motorola Triumph

Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile
Your Price: $298.88

Virgin Mobile

For those of you who are looking for the best Virgin Mobile deals - these specials are exclusively available online and not available in stores. For a limited time - get a free Micro USB Car Charger when you purchase a selected Virgin Mobile phone at

It can be hard to choose the right cell phone service provider because they are all saying that they are the best, but they rarely say why. Virgin Mobile has many benefits that you are sure to love. Smartphone users will really like Virgin Mobile due to their Beyond Talk plans. Youíll also like this provider if you donít want to feel tied down and committed to a certain company.

No Contracts
Almost every cell phone provider issues you a two-year contract stating that you cannot leave them until the contract is finished. If you want to break the contract, then you will often have to return your phone, pay fines and there might be other penalties. Using a prepaid plan allows you to avoid contracts, but Virgin Mobile makes this a little easier.

None of their plans have contracts. Itís best if you stay because you will save a lot of money, but you are not legally committed to stay with this provider. If you like the freedom to choose, then this is a major benefit.

Beyond Talk
Smartphone users should take advantage of the Beyond Talk plans. These plans have low monthly rates with a limited number of minutes. For example, you will get 300 minutes for $35 a month. The best thing about this plan is that everything else is unlimited. You get as much messaging, data and voice messages as you want without paying for overages. You can even get unlimited minutes with their best Beyond Talk plan. This isnít just limited to 3G connectivity. You can use this with both 3G and 4G smartphones. If you want to download as many apps, movies and photos as you can, then this is the perfect plan.

Old Phones
Do you like your old phone? Most cell phone providers force you to buy a new phone to connect to their service. While upgrading can be good, itís an unnecessary expense if you are happy with your current phone. This provider allows you to choose between picking a new phone and staying with your old one.

If you want to keep your old device, then you will be mailed a new SIM card so that you can use their network. While some phones simply wonít work with their service, the vast majority of available feature phones and smartphones will work without any problems.

Prepaid 4G Connectivity
While there are many prepaid providers that allow you to connect to 2G and 3G networks, there are relatively few that offer 4G connectivity. If you like browsing the Web at the fastest speeds, then 2G and 3G can feel very slow. Virgin Mobile is currently one of the few providers that allow you to connect to a 4G network even if you use their prepaid plans.

SOS Ring
This is probably the most unique feature offered by this provider. Do you often find yourself in uncomfortable social situations and have no way to escape? If you use the SOS Ring feature, then you will receive a call from a Virgin Mobile representative who will help you escape the situation with ease. He or she will even talk you through everything so that you can leave without being rude.

Virgin Mobile is an intuitive and unique provider that has many great benefits for their members. If you hate contracts, slow Internet speeds and limited data plans, then this is the perfect provider for your needs.

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